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off-road submarine


"bangle for president"
Jan 14, 2004
Volvo V40 & Yamaha Banshee
link (with lots of pics)

respect to the owner :thumbsup:

wonder his wife will think the same thing :lol:
Looks like someone with some money..but uncapable to drive the vehicle.

Just a series of unfortunate events I guess...don't trust the water 8)

But what boggles me is that...a friend of mine and I got stuck in a deep and steep dip while going through a pond with his Wrangler, and it was a worse incline to pull it out..and we got it out with a Ford Ranger :?
Not so much not knowing to drive...just not making smart choices when trying to recover it...
What a moron. Guy with some money and no skills whatsoever. As they said in that forum, a bit of digging or lifting with a jack woulda fixed the problem. Stupidest thing EVER to do down that hill towards water.
It would have sustained less damage rolling over once to get off the berm.
its a jeep what do you expect? :p

this guy is cracking up :lol: