Off Road

The guy who apparently has several million dollars to burn buying heavy equipment and military surplus helicopters to cosplay as a service member.
Isn't that the guy who fetishizes military life and hardware despite never wearing the uniform?
You ain’t no patriot unless you have a beard, hoodie, and backwards cap! Points if you’re always wearing a carhart jacket.
"There's no fluid or anything visible" Yeah, because u-joints don't leak, and internal breakages don't always break the case or the CV boot. The number of failures that result in oil pouring out are remarkably small. If I were to guess, I'd say it's a CV or the front diff sheared a couple teeth on the ring or pinion due to the traction control system. At the time of the failure, the t-case was locked so power was going to the front diff and the brakes were trying to manage traction. If both the brakes ended up locking down at the same time, something between the t-case and the wheels is going to go pop. This is why locking diffs > traction control; if you had a locking diff, the force would be released by the sliding tire, not by breaking parts.

This is why I had to stop watching TFL channels, they are good at reading spec sheets and towing tests, but they have almost no knowledge about basic vehicle system that aren't on the brochure. They launched their TFL motorcycle channel and it was just some intern who got his license a week ago reading spec sheets on camera. I'm interested in the post-mortem on this one, just for the sake of curiosity.
I quit watching them too. It was especially painful anytime they would do anything off road.

On a semi-related note, I believe the manufacturers need to stop adding "smart" systems to increase off road capability. Besides the additional points of failure, they're making it easier for inexperienced (or just plain brainless) drivers to get into dangerous situations. On the other hand, they'll keep providing good content to watch from guys like Rory (Trail Mater).
Don't think they did anything wrong.

System on Tacoma should only allow safe settings.

Made a similar noise to when Ronny Dahl broke a driveshaft on the 79
What's the closest thing to a road legal Trophy Truck you can drive in the rain

Brenthel Trophy Truck