Official Fifth Gear Downloads


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Sep 21, 2003
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hokiethang said:
Also must note that they are clips, not full episodes.
D'oh, forgot to mention that here. Thanks. :)
Q) What quality are the downloads?
A) The downloads are Windows Media Video 9 Series encoded at 900kbps VBR which is near DVD quality.

Q) What is DRM?
A) DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and is a technology that can help protect the copyright of content owners by helping prevent illegal and unauthorised copying. Customers who buy videos from this service can download them on up to 3 computers, watch them as many times as they want and also transfer to compatible portable video players.

Q) Will these downloads work on a Mac?
A) Unfortunately at the moment, no – this is due to the DRM technology in operation. We hope to be able to offer these downloads to Macs in the future.

cept for the dvd thing, it doesn't seem good :/
Agreed, but it's still a step in the right direction.
Anyone knows were i can (legal) d/l the episodes in the Netherlands ? Quest is not valid in my region it says.