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Official Finalgear LFS League

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Oct 4, 2004
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1st of all dont be scared by the length of this post :D

I though yesterday about how we can make our (lately quite boring and crappy) races more interesting. :)

So I though, why not have a league/championship. That way we will be more people racing regularly (hopefully), it will be more clean, more competitive, more challenging, which at the end adds up to more fun! :thumbsup:

I?ve looked into some lfs leagues around the net, and collected some rules. Since it?s the summer holiday now, obviously this wont cos everyone is on vacation etc. Meaning we have the summer to agree together on the rules, and when normal life kicks in around September, we can start doing this.

Ok, first some obvious things, that we really need to keep so that our races are smooth and not interrupted.


1, Do not download/upload anything during race time. No matter how fast your connection is, there might be always some disturbance.
2, Turn off all instant messenger, such as aol, msn, icq etc.
3, Turn off all antivirus and anti ad-ware programs, such as Norton, again, to avoid disturbance.

We don?t need to state every single thing in a rule, and we don?t want to end up with a rule bible. So use your commonsense, and behave. Don?t cut corners, don?t crash into others deliberately, don?t take revenge because you think someone messed your race up. The race is not won by the person who takes the lead in the 1st corner. Races will be long enough, so keep it clean, and wait for the right opportunity. If for some reason you have to end the race, e.g. urgent phone call, postman ringing the door?whatsoever, don?t just leave you car in the middle of the game as it is, but hit the spectate button or pit via shift + S. If you crash, look around before you come back on the track. In general use you commonsense, we are not in kindergarten anymore, act your age.

You have to be able to loose, if you can not do this, than don?t even bother to read the rest. Loosing one race for whatever reason, is not the end of the world.

Crashes are unavoidable, its motor racing, everyone is allowed to make a mistake. Don?t take it as a personal assault. They will be examined after the race, and the person responsible will bear the consequences. (e.g. point deduction, time penalty in next race etc.)

This is a game, everyone is here to have fun. Respect the others. Don?t ruin their race just because it wasn?t your best day. Mind you, you can still win the season without actually winning a single race. Be smart, collect and appreciate your points.

Now, for the more practical things.

Qualifying. (also serving the purpose of warm up)

We do proper qualifying, starting according to best times.

Qualifying technically speaking.

Qualifying starts 5min before the actual race. Times will be recorded then. If you miss the qualifying, you start at the back. Qualifying will be 3 laps, to keep it short.


Start: 1 practice starts are to be done before the actual race.
Practice start: race till the end of the 1st sector/split.
Technical reasons: test internet connection, see if server is functioning properly, look for lag etc.
Practical reasons: practice the start, avoid and minimize the chance of mass crashes.

Since this is the most dangerous part of the race, most likely crashes will happen here. Again, keep it clean and don?t push it!!! Stay calm, be patient, the race will be long enough.

NO RESTARTS will take place, unless a massive crash (say 1/2the field involved) happens. Crashes of 2-3people will be ignored, so don?t even bother to vote for restart.

Since there are no judges or whatsoever, if a crash happens at the start, and you see that several people are affected, vote to restart ONLY ONCE! If enough people vote immediately, everyone will see that, and race will be restarted.


See 1st rules for behavior. One more point, if you happen to get disconnected for whatever reason, there isn?t much to do. Join back if you wish to spectate, or if you wish to continue the race (say because you got disconnected in lap 1-2). Other than that really nothing that we can do.

Car categories

(Cars arranged to similar lap times.)

1, GTI, GT
2, GT Turbo, FXO, RB4
3. RAC, FZ50
5, LX4, MRT5
6, FXO GTR, Turbo GTR, FZ50 GTR, Small Formula
7, LX6
8, Formula V8

On each track, a car category will be assigned. From that category, you are able to chose whatever you wish.

Note: I doubt we will use the lx6, since it?s a very difficult car to handle + we aren?t skilled enough to use that in a proper race. As for the v8 formula, I guess the only place we can use that will be the oval. It makes sense to use less powerful cars on tight tracks, and gtr-s on faster tracks.



Majority so far votes for f1 system, with every participant getting 1 point.

1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 8 points
3rd place: 6 points
4th place: 5 points
5th place: 4 points
6th place: 3 points
7th place: 2 points
8th place (and everyone else who participates): 1 point

Misbehavior/not proper conduct!

If you go nutts, screwing everyone's race, we will vote to kick/ban you from the server for that day. Further action will be take by all the members of the league here. In case you cause an accident, that someone claims was on purpose, replay will be examined. We will vote again for a punishment, which could mean a worse starting position in the next race, deduction of points etc. This in particular applies to starts. Causing a crash and taking out several people at the begining of the race will not be tolerated, and you will have to bear the consequences.
Question: Why all this hassle, racing was fun before this right?

I intended this idea in order to make it more interesting, beacuse people dont race lately and even if they do, we just have countless restarts and crashes (i know its summer holiday, but since x months i cant remember a seing a good race). Personally, all i want is just some proper racing. Im bored of 5min races with 100crashes and restarts. So i though i'd suggest this, to make racing more interesting, and to make us "behave". I dont really enjoy crashing around and not having a proper race, for me its much more fun if we have a normal race, say 20-30minutes, with some challenges and some interesting battles. A league imo, would make an "aim" (-points) for racers, so that everyone keeps it clean, and so that we have some fights on the track for better positions, incuding some reality factors like pit strategy, keeping an eye on your tires, fuel etc.
Ok guys, how about we implement this thing, and do a short league of say 4-5races for a test, to see how it works out.

I picked out some tracks, that are short and easy to remember. I also looked for setups on teaminferno, and here's what i'd suggest.

On the basis of setup availability, and taking into acount we've been racing a lot of rb4 lately, and are familiar with the car characteristics:

Class 2 Test run League

Cars you can chose from:

Class 2: GT Turbo, FXO, RB4

Week 1 | South City Classic / 25laps

Lap time ~ 53-54s

Week 2 | Aston Cadet / RB4 / 20laps

Lap time ~58-59secs

Week 3 | South City Long / 10 laps

Lap time ~ 1:55min

Week 4 | Aston Club / RB4 / 20laps

Lap time ~1:15s

There are setups for the RB4 for all of these tracks.
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