Official "I Got My GT4" Thread!


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Sep 21, 2003
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Post here when 'ya got it, or if you're getting it soon! :D

Thank you for ordering from Your order has been shipped completely. The status and/or ship date for each item on your order is detailed below.

Here is the status of the item(s) you have ordered:
Gran Turismo 4 Ordered: 1 Shipped: 1

To check the status online, click on the following link:
It'll be here tomorrow, probably in the morning. ^_^
Question: Where is your copy?

Answer: Here is mine.


Im actually a bit sick, recovering from a cold, so i need some rest but tomorrow morning, on my B-Day, Ill be looking for the SL and Zonda to race with. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Was it worth the wait? I really dont think I'll give a fuck when Im using the SL65 round the NYC track. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I was in all the video game stores today. EBgames was the only one that got them on 22nd and they were all sold-out. I should get mine tomorrow, I CAN'T WAIT. :woot:

Is Koeniggsegg in the game?
picking it up tomorrow around 9am i actually got the call that i could pick it up tonight just as the store was closing... but i work till 11est... so.. yeah suck

but still tomorrow

lancia lancia lancia.... but no pulsar.. i am sad
i got my pirated copy of GT4 w00t!

paided only 25HKD :> and the disk look so much beter than the real one lol!
Mine's on the UPS truck for delivery!!! :D

jasonchiu said:
i got my pirated copy of GT4 w00t!
:x :thumbsdown:
FUCKING AAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

SL in all trim levels, AMAZING!! SL55 AMG, SL65 AMG, SL500, SL600 and the SLR, NICE!!

One slight dissapointment is that the Zonda doesnt come in any other color except silver, fuck man, 3 Zondas and all silver? :thumbsdown: They do have the current one too, C12-S 7.3 but no roadster.

fav feature: (besides the photo lab) driving with the SL top up or down and seeing the driver. Its cool to see him shift too. :thumbsup:
Cya in a month!!! :D

*messes his pants* This game is... AWESOME! :thumbsup:
I'm leaving in about an hour for an epic trip around Vancouver looking for a copy of the game. I'm going to hit up every single store I can think of until I find it. I may not be back for a while. :p
jesus christ..... it's soooo beautiful.... and the driving dynamics.... you really get a sense for the body roll and nose diving under breaking

wonder why he is here and not playing
Yeah, :lol:. This game is AWESOME. Sooooo pretty and I love the license test fail music (the "OOOHHHH YEEEAAAHHH" song from Ferris Bueller).
I have mine, to know what car/what's happening refer ton my MSN nickname, asming I'm taking time to update it :lol:

see ya in a few months!

see my first pic and first car below


EDIT: I passed my B Liscence, here's my brand new VW Lupo 1.4! :)