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Official "I Got My GT4" Thread!

^ Wow, your new avatar is psychadelic. I feel stoned already :mrgreen:
You better stay away from the drug thread.
More like a Spam thread since every moderator seems to be playing GT4. ;)
It's no rules night on finalgear :thumbsup:
Flame flame at Swek!!

I am flaming at Swek now...mods get away from your GT4 now!!

I am fucking up this thread (and just cursed!!!)

Flame flame!!

Edit: Sorry Back OT now...don't ban me. :cry:
I still don't have my copy. Maybe I forgot to order it ?
Someone please ban Josty, he flamed me
Maybe? Mine still hasn't arrived either...maybe I should order it too!

Do you actually NEED a PS2 or is that just for decoration purposes?
No, the PS2's task is to display the graphics. (crappy)
XBox is much better. PS2 owners are driving new Dodge Chargers
Someone buy me a ps2 pls, i will give u josti or swek* in return, all deals are final.

*Quailty of swek and josti may vary depending on state of soberness.
I just got my copy! :mrgreen:


The first store I went to (Futureshop by Metrotown for those Vancouverites still looking for a copy) had 5 copies left on the shelf! I can't play it until tommorow night though as my PS2 is at my parent's and brother's place.

I'm going to be hooking up a 4 player LAN this weekend with it, so don't expect to see me around for a while. :thumbsup:
man, i wish i had a PS2.....
^ Did you take those pictures in game and transfer them to your computer?

If not, has anyone else tried this? Apparently you can hook up a digital camera, iPod or any other USB device to the PS2's USB port and transfer your pictures. It sounds like a very cool feature - I just hope the forum posts I've read about it aren't all BS.
those graphics are spectacular