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Official "I Got My GT4" Thread!

Renesis said:
Yes they are! 8)

I wish the TV I'm using was better though...

I definitely agree, I went and picked up my copy today, and have been playing it on my old crappy TV here. Luckily I'm planning to go home for part of spring break and I can play GT4 on my parent's very large, very high definition TV. :-D
I've been playing all day. THIS GAME IS AWSOME :woot: :thumbsup:
i'll be playing day and night :p
Oops, missed this thread.
I got my game on release day.

First car? Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 '83

Still working on silvering my B license, boy do I suck.
theres no point buyin cars early on in the game. u can win most races with the cars from the liecences
Got the game today.
Got gold in the 1st 11 B license tests, working on the 12th :mrgreen: .
damm u guys are good at the liecences. i get get bronze and do the races. dont see much point in getting gold lol u nly get a carr that inst that good
Yah I don't do it for the car, I just do it for the ehm... "completeness" ... of the game.
I've done them on GT2 when it was on the first Playstation... it was quite fun... 60laps of seattle circuit... I practically knew the entire track by the end of the race :lol: ... btw... lets see if anyone could do 20laps round Nurburgring :lol:
everyone tell andrew he should get a ps2. he insist he doesnt need one. tell him hes missin out on gt4
jasonchiu said:
lol, n e of u guys done the endurace races? their crazy....
You have to get 25% of the game done before you can enter them, so no. And the 24 hours of the 'Ring is gonna be nuts.
jeffy777 said:
those graphics are spectacular

keep in mind those are specialy rendered... not actual in-game... tho the in-game is still pretty frikken sweet...

24 hours at "The Ring" ..... Jesus... it kicks my ass when i am just free running on it..... in a race... i perfer not to think about it yet

New pics!

Dodge SRT-4 2003






Subaru Impreza WRX STi VerVI 1999



Mazda Miata Special Edition (J)