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official Nikon D200 photos..


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Mar 31, 2005
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see this dpreview forum thread for details on the slipped release photos:

and the photos, as backed up after Nikon UK took 'em down:



I can't wait..
rumor is an official announcement on the 1st.. we'll see.
indeed.. people will talk all they want. But the rumors and information has been getting stronger over the past couple months. If you look at the dpreview thread I linked to, there's a couple pages of people replying who all saw the images on the Nikon UK press site. The "spy shots" over the past week or two show the exact same camera... though in crappy form.

If you really take a look at the camera, it looks like an upgraded d100 with some features from the d2x. This is normal for Nikon. The D70 was supposedly placed below the D100, but as it was newer, it had some newer features that were better than the D100.

Even if it is an 'upgraded D70', who cares? The D70 is an amazing value for its price, and has been since it was released. If all Nikon did was add a few more new/high end features and called it good, it'd be all that much better. That said, the rumors seem to put it at a much higher MP, new sensor, new auto focus, it's a different body, newer/upgraded features, etc. Yup.. that certainly makes it a "lightly tweaked" camera. :bangin:

"Lightly tweaked" was the D70s over the D70... or the 350d over the 300d.

If the rumors are right.. we're looking at a 1500 - 2000 camera. The D70 came out at around 1200 for the body, iirc.

BTW... Ken Rockwell :thumbsdown:
All but that "Oct 26th" paragraph has been there for months, if not longer now.
another slip by a Nikon site... looks like a test flash was posted and then taken down a couple hours later.