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Seriously, Solberg can't fucking buy good luck. I understand his frustation. This whole season something went wrong when he was close to winning. This is absurd. Right now he's got a very dark cloud over him. He needs to speed up to shake it ;). But seriously I hope his bad luck ends soon.

Citroen is a definite no then for next year? If that's so it will be interesting to see Loeb in another car.

I was kinda hoping Markko would be back for this rally. I really want him back. A rally ain't complete without him.


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^^Loeb might stick with a privateer citroen for next year if citroen decides to come back in the year after (something about the new rules for cost cutting in 2007)
p0w3r said:
^^Loeb might stick with a privateer citroen for next year if citroen decides to come back in the year after (something about the new rules for cost cutting in 2007)
Interesting. Well 3 more rounds before this season is over and then we can see what will happen.


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Go Atkinson! What a fantastic result for him, that's awesome for the sport in Australia.

Lets hope he can improve on 3rd when the Rally says hello to Perth!


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WRC investigates possible sabotage against Solberg in Japan:

"It's impossible that a car could have spun a 22 kg. rock up on the road, in the outer track ..

* The rock could not have rolled down on the track since there was no hill nearby!

* Marcus Gr?nholm passed the place just before, and he didn't see or feel anything close to this rock

* Solberg saw one person dissapear just as he got out of the car, a bit strange he said."


^ Whoa... I really hope that's not true, but if it is I only hope the prepretator's car is flung into the trees by an errant rock


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i was thinking too, how could a rock that big end up right int the middle of the road? :?

i then just thought peter might have been the first out and the rock fell from a hill, but as we now know cant be true.
this happened to a irish rally driver but it was to try and really hurt the driver. boards +foom of nails and rocks were put on the road. the car spun 3 times the driver said he was doing well over 100mph.. if the person who done this was cought he was to be up for atemped murder.

anyway it was put there...
Wow. What a Rally. Loeb dominates it from the start. Solberg was having a great attitude when his launch control failed on him. Classy guy. Too bad for Peugeot though.

Alex Bengue did an amazing job in the Skoda. Looks like Skoda should be a competitor pretty soon. Great weekend :). :thumbsup:
Do you guys still follow WRC??

Just watched Day 1 of Rally Spain and Solberg's dark cloud is still hanging. Quite unfortunate. I hope he has a better year next year but then again you don't know what Loeb will do in the privately entered Citroen (he found out the day before the rally).

All in all looks like a good rally except for the Subarus. Only Chris Atkinson is left and in the top 8 you have 4 Ford drivers.
:lol: Come on. On Day 2 Gronholm is out with engine problems. Lost all the water out of the radiator. Lots of mistakes on day two and it definitely shook up the top 8. Nicolas Benardis is doing very well though. He's definitely getting points for Peugeot.
irish driver came in at 15th and hes not one of our best drivers
at the last rally one of the cars was tuned to 9000rpm with a max speed of 149.9mph... and he reached it. on irish tar very good tv....