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Offline Reader or News Feed?


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Sep 26, 2004
Springville, Utah, USA
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(Sorry if this is a stupid question.)

Is there such a thing as an offline reader for these forums? Or a parallel news feed? It would make life a lot easier if these posts just showed up instead of having to go out and poke around.
There are some online forums that have support for NNTP (news feeds), which allows my Exchange server to download all of the new posts every couple of hours so they appear on my Exchange client without using a web browser.

It's a lot faster to read through a lot of messages if I don't have to go online, especially if I have to travel for a few days.
could look into a phpBB RSS feed script
That would be cool. I don't know if anyone else on the forum would agree about putting RSS at a higher priority than other things, but it would certainly be appreciated. I could easier setup a secure NNTP server for anyone out there that wants to use Microsoft Outlook (or some other news reader) to access these forums.
It'll probably take like 2 seconds to set up. I'll go do it real quick.
Good grief, it'll probably take me two weeks to get the RSS interface working on my end. Thanks for your help.
No idea about this "NNTP" stuff, but I think the RSS feed will be helpful to those that use RSS readers.


Still tweaking it though.