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Oh no! Found on Suprnova?

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Aug 2, 2004
Hey Viper. I wanted to give you a heads up and wanted to see if you knew that two episodes were uploaded to Suprnova. Don't know if same tracker as I haven't checked yet, but as of right now, I saw them up there and don't know if you did that or not (as it puts major load on tracker I know). That's really not cool of someone if they did, otherwise if it was you, how come?
if u look at who submitted it youd see that viper did it himself. :wink:

thanks for lookin out though. :)
I saw that, but I wasn't sure if someone decided to pose as him, which would be stupid.... but like giving credit and all. It's all good! Just love this site too much to let SuprNova mess it up. Love suprnova, but not when TG is involved like this :mrgreen:
i wouldnt really recommend posting it like that but it does get tons more seeding.

after seeing all the F1 vids removed recently then only seeing speed channel rips, it would be cause for concern.
Yes, the guy who runs the new tracker I use doesn't mind the extra server load. It brings new people to the site and helps keep the torrents stronger. :)

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