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Oil cooled computer!


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Jul 29, 2005
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I hope this hasn't been posted..searched for topics on this here..

Saw this over at the pcper.com forums I frequent, thought I would share this strange find of one of the forum members. :?




I understand the concept, but would you do that?? :eek:
as long as it doesn't conduct electricity, there shouldn't be a problem i guess

(would submerge my cd rom though)
Oil doesn't conduct electricity therefore allowing the fluid to come into direct contact with the components. What's more, as there's so much of it, if you have a large enough heat dissipating surface area as well you can pretty much get away with just passive cooling.

I posted another link in this thread last night - the watercooled hard disk thread just a few places below this one. I found a similar thing at Tom's Hardware Guide. Not fully read the article yet though.
Of course, it does not conduct electricity. For example, all the X-ray machines are in oil (what are used in healthcare).
Monkey max, cool..I'm going to head to the Tom's link, since my german is a bit bad compared to 7 years ago...looks like we were pondering the same thing around the same time :lol:

I wonder though, how fast will it dispense heat? I could see it staying pretty hot, given that oil is thicker than water (forgive the pun). Have it circulating at least. Man I would have to get tired of that smell after a while :mrgreen:
I've seen a fully enclosure with all the components in some type of oil suspension. It cooled quite well, and looked awesome.
Sure you can, but I doubt that the hardware can stand those temperatures. But you can always give it a try :thumbsup:
jensked said:
So can you also use this thing to make fries? Coz THAT would be handy !
You know, I've been thinking about how neat it would be to extend the heatsink on my video card into some sort of heat plate. The core can get up to 80?C under load, so it could get hot enough to fry an egg! :lol:
I had a whole reply typed up about heat transfer and liquids and coolers and shit, but I deleted it on accident, so:

That's sweet.
So, would it work to stick in a PCI card into one of those slots after it's flooded with oil?
jeffy777 said:
So, would it work to stick in a PCI card into one of those slots after it's flooded with oil?
Heh, I was gonna ask the same question just now :D. I guess you would have to let it dry out and clean it up? or maybe it wont bother if you stick it in with it in there, since it is fine there anyways?
such a slot is pretty tight, so i guess when you put the card in, the oil is pushed out and the connectors tough eachother