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Old classic Japanese cars! (lotsa pics)


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Oct 4, 2004
Fellow Japanese carfans, you'll wet your pants! Check this link out (56k warning, tons of pictures)


A little preview:








Something unseen for me (among many others on the link)

Mazda's first production car


etc, now go click that link :mrgreen:
LOVE that Skyline! :D
That thing's the size of a Shop Vac! :jawdrop:
:woot: :jawdrop:

Some gorgeous cars there!
That thing is for sucking in pedestrians and eco friendly guys crossing the street. :evil:
Good to see the image at the top is of the classic of all japanese classics, the car that started the legend, the KPGC-10. MMM so good. Ahhhhhh. Ok, it needs another repost.



MMM so good. Ahhhhhh.....
Magnificent automobiles. Such passion and heart in these vehicles...

Where did Japan go wrong? :p
Wait a minute . . . isn't that the one that was in Southern California?
If so, I completely forgot about it. :lol:

I don't think Japan went wrong all by themselves. Cars have become overly complex for no reason than to aid incompetent drivers. Back then, all cars were raw and pure. There's no power steering, brake assist, traction control, etc. You are directly connected to the car with no electronics in between.

You are more involved in the driving so the entire experience becomes that much more satisfying. That's why I can't get rid of my 240Z . . . I won't be able to find another car that offers the same "feel" for the road.
:thumbsup: Glorious, wonderful cars

Though I have to admit I'm not a fan of the bolt-on flare / hugely offset wide tyre look (like those AE86's have)
:woot: :woot: Classic Skyline GT-R*still drooling over the 86.....*
i dont get why people reply with whole posts.. with pictures..

great link, nonetheless..
inso said:
i dont get why people reply with whole posts.. with pictures..

To emphasise how great they think the cars are (you can only really get away with it in a thread like this)