Old family pics, what is this car?


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Jul 29, 2005
Marion, Iowa
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My grandfather after getting out of the USAF stayed in England with his wife and worked for a newspaper.

Found a load of photos today and this one caught my eye...what car is this?


Hopefully the creases over the emblem doesn't hinder any car gurus from helping me out...thanks!:D
Perfect! I was having trouble because I hadn't seen that type of front end before...but you hit it on the head, thanks!

Time to research it.
Thanks for all the input guys! I guess I can deduce from info and pics of front ends that it's a Facel Vega II? Given the earlier Top Gear review of the HK500, what a looker...and seemed to have great stats for it's time.

With that said, did they nick the headlights off of Mercedes? :D
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For the plebs out there, a primer: Jalopnik Fantasy Garage, Facel Vega HK500.


That's not Albert Camus, the legendary French writer who died in one 50 years ago, but some guy named Dean Martin. Street cred, dog?
I'm just using this thread, mine would have had the exact same headline anyways...The picture was taken 1927 in Switzerland, on the cover of the spare tyre is a fleur-de-lis or similar. I thinks it's a case for Mautzel, if he's still around.

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