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online computer stores

Newegg by far.
I have had bad experience with CyberPower. I bought a custom PC from them in 2002 and since then I have had replace the video card, CD burner, and Motherboard. It was a $1200 PC at that time so it was pretty nice, but they never seemed to want to replace any of the parts even though I had a 3 year warranty that still hasn't expired....I don't like their phone support.

My brother has bought a couple of PCs from them as well. With his newest one, the RAM started going out just a short time after he bought it. When he ordered the PC, he ordered it with a gig of high quality ram (dual channel w/ heat spreaders). But when he opened the case to investigate, it was just a cheap crappy stick of ram that they put in there. When he called about it, they denied it and wouldn't replace anything.
Both great websites. Guys do you know where you can read up all the latest on the computers like new technology or about the processors or new 512MB video cards?
I have heard good things about tigerdirect, but i still use newegg. Think that has become the most popular.
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Newegg by far.

I second that. I bought parts from them saturday, and they wll be here thursday :-D.

er...telepathy much? >_>

anyways, newegg is definitely my most frequently visited.
i do enjoy www.outpost.com occasionally.

heh unfortunately since I distrust most of the fans that newegg sells for CPUs, I have to wait until next monday to put my new machine together in its 64 bit goodness. I kind of wish my preferred fan manufacturer were on the east coast instead of in california :-\ oh well, I guess I will just have to wait.
I am loyal to none! :mrgreen:

I use Google's Froogle to search for low prices, as well as Cnet to see prices there as well.
i rather go out and buy my stuff coz u can talk to a sales and make sure its right for ur pc
I often go to the PC stores and look at stuff I'm thinking of buying but never ask anyone there about it as they rarely know anything of any use or anything I don't already know. I also never buy it at the store either as almost always I'll find the same item much cheaper online.

Over here in the UK, I mostly use eBuyer (http://www.ebuyer.com), partly out of loyalty (They've always given me great service) but mostly because no matter what I'm buying and no matter how hard I look they're always the cheapest place to get stuff. There has been the odd time they've been a few pounds more pricey than say Dabs.com, but usually they're the cheapest.

I have also bought a few things from PC World (Not online, at the store). An example being my printer which PC World had on sale for 40 quid. Well, eBuyer also had it for 40 quid, but I would have had to pay for postage and wait for it so I went to PC World and bought it. (Luckily PC World is only a couple of miles away from me) However, normally stuff in PC World is twice the price as online. An example being the 1GB RAM I just bought, ?84 on eBuyer and ?160 for same speed but different manufacturer and lower speeds (in terms of CAS etc) RAM at PC World!
never bought anything for my pc from the web... come to think about it i never upgraded my pc or installed anything new in it.. i always purchase a new system when am bored with the old one.. i think my next system i'll either build it.. so i'll be using one of the sites u guys are recomending.. or buying a laptop, i might need that for univ.
I still say Newegg. I've spent like $5k there probably and I don't have one bad word to say about them. 9 outta 10 times, they are the cheapest around too.