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Only in Russia

Thanks! These Lada privacy shades was just posted to that sub


I suspect they rattle a little on the move.

Lets sledge
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Lets sledge

I'm afraid that's from my own countrymen in Romania, rather than Russia. There's very little to bring joy to the people in the rural areas of Romania. Apparently that's a village where there's more than one village idiot. Many more. :)
I know it's old, but can someone translate the lyrics ? Google translator isn't helping. http://www.lololyrics.com/lyrics/29594.html
Actually Google Translate is not that far off :D
It's just random words, nonsense and gibberish.

But just for some russian-english lecture, here are some straight translations (I don't know if it's meant like slang, though):
????? = barrel
??? = bass
????????(slang) = enjoying
???? = solo
???????? = the person who's enjoying
?? ???? ????? = naked to the waist
? ??? ???? ???????? = Mom told me
????????? - ??? ???? = persons enjoying something rule
Naked to the waist? Topless?
I guess so...
As far as I know they use "topless" in russian too, so I don't know if naked to the waist is just a longer synonym to make it rhyme or if it has a different meaning. Russian is a foreign language for me too.
It's just random words, nonsense and gibberish.

I should have thought of that. Thanks

btw (really NSFW)

description says "One of the most popular Russian shock cartoon web shows is now available in English too!"

anybody know if there are more episodes ? i can't find anything
Apparently, there's a new trend among russian people: they build tanks in their backyards
using only snow and ice


are you sure there's not a real tank underneath?
it must be one of putin's new tactics! :lol:
I think Putin is playing a game of deception. He may be trying to convince military people that his tanks are all old and broken. The Germans were convinced the US had extra divisions during WWII, so why not try and make everyone think your shit is broke? :p