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Opera to Firefox


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Feb 28, 2005
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I'm trying out Firefox because Opera is a memory hog. It's great, but my laptop slows down to a halt when I'm running it for a while. I'm trying to get Firefox to be as similar to Opera as possible. I got the gestures working great, and I got the tabbed browsing settings down. Is there anyway I can tell Firefox to remember the pages I'm in when I close and have them there again when I open again? That was one kick ass feature in Opera.
downTHEMall! : Mass picture downloader from html galleries.
Flashblock: VERY useful for blocking those annoying flash banners (you get a Flash icon instead, click it and it will show you the .swf file it represents).
BBCode: Insert pictures, links, etc. all in forum code.. really neat for.. duh.. forums ;)
I came to firefox from MyIE (Maxthon), so to make it similar I use:

Adblock - a must have for everyone!

TabMix - changed opening order (new tab opens next to current one), shows a loading progress meter on tab, Undo closed tab, and saves a session.

Super DragAndGo - select any text and drag it to any direction. If it was URL, it opens it, it it wasn't an URL it makes a google search with selected text. Really like this one, dunno if I could swap Maxthon for Firefox without this.

Fetch Text URL - actually similar to previous one, but works from context menu and doesn't do google search. Don't remember why I have this installed, Super DragAndGo does the job in most cases.

dutch_designer said:
downTHEMall! : Mass picture downloader from html galleries.
Hmm, I wonder what kind of galleries you download with it ;) :lol:
Get AdBlock and then get FilterSet.G: http://www.pierceive.com/
Follow the somewhat confusing instructions, and you'll NEVER SEE ANOTHER AD :p

If you do that, you won't need that FlashBlock extension for the most part :)
Adblock, Tab Browser Preferences, IE View (for those occasional pita pages), Download Manager Tweak (download manager opens in a new tab) & DownTHEMAll.


I don't have to outside anymore...

And Fireftp and chatzilla in case you don't wanna have other progs for it...