Ownership Verified: Optimus "T?mus" Prime | '13 VW T5 180 BiTDI 4motion DSG

I don't know about the DSG, but on many cars with "adaptive" automatic transmissions, pulling the battery cable will reset it and allow it to relearn your driving style.
They say you can reset its learnt data by turning on the ignition, leaving the engine off, and depressing the gas pedal all the way down including the kickdown switch for twenty seconds. Didn't test that though :dunno:
Driving it again today, i'll test that.
These things take ages to warm up. Mine needs at least 10 minutes of normal driving when the temps hit freezing.
It takes the 2.0 diesel about 20-40 minutes to reach operating temp while idling. My drive to work is 6.2km from my place, it reaches operating temp (90?C) six to never km into that journey (depending on weather and webasto) with sensible driving and sticking to speedlimits. It's gotten to the point where i no longer care - i drive it like i always would, only taking minor precautions (like keep it below 3k) before the needle is at least half way. During a working day (20-40km of random small driving) the oil temperature never reaches 90?C. This is why i'll never have another diesel. Ronja would reach operating temperature right about the end of the pictured road, which is 1000m from my dads place.
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Most modern diesels can be kepet below 2k rpm on entire commutes.. If was taking it easy on my old commute, which was b-road and city, the automatic almost exclusively stayed below 2k rpm for the entire 19km. My last commute with autobahn, not so much. But its also a 46km one way. Err, was.
I can keep it below 2k no problem, but there's about twice as much oomph from 2-3k than below 2k.

On a 2.5 ton car you need more torque than 1500-2000 can give you sometimes :p

EDIT: Mine is not remapped. Yet.