Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

Apparently that's a Mega Tjaffer. Found it via a google search for "4x4 cabrio -vitara -mercedes -fiat -jeep -suzuki" (since I thought that badge on the rear rocker says "4x4")... :ROFLMAO:
Well found. I thought it would have started as a Subaru Justy/Suzuki Swift AWD. Seems a shame to trash an AX to make... that.
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Something Aston Martin.

When I was a kid we had a neighbor that had a Jeep like that. It never seen anything tougher than a two track.
First time I've seen one of these. And it's a bit odd:

That pseudo-window triangle and the door-cut-into-roof-line especially. And the rear is just too much.

Also a bit expensive too:
It's like a movie car that has so many bits of other cars on it. Nothing seems to match and it's overwhelming.
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@lip I think that roof ornament is a Studebaker Lark. I don't know what year. Maybe @SquareLeft can help out.
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I love this old Mercedes vans as their profil just feels a bit weird, but still practical.
Also, if you look very closely under where it used to be a triangular logo of some sorts it says "Sivilforsvaret" which is Norwegian for "Civil Defense". They were the authority in charge of running our nuclear bomb shelters, aiding rescuers and helping with mitigating efforts when we suffer natural disasters etc. Now they only do the latter.

Also, saw another VW today, this one is made for some kind of rally cross, except it's fitted with tarmac tires here:

RST logistics is owed by the owner's uncle. Hot Shop is a local store that has specialized in importing and selling parts, both original, performance, and after market parts for classic VWs since the early 80s.