Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

Some vintage Japanese car I couldn't identify:

The owner of the Xpeng P7 has been on the internet:


Not just that, it's a personalized plate, so he paid at least like 800 euro for that.
I concur - pretty rare spot too.
Looks a little short. I think it's a Javelin AMX. Javelin has a back seat, AMX is just a 2-seater. Either way they're pretty rare on this side of the pond too.
This weekend was the (now annual) car show in my town. They close off the entire town centre, a zone that's actually growing every year, and fill it with interesting cars. I don't take many photos so I can drool over the cars, but I had to take a photo of this TVR that I've never seen before.

It's a 1975 3000M, something I've never come across before and that isn't even on HowManyLeft. They only made a small number of 'M' cars per year, apparently 50 in 1975, making this a rare beast. The shape reminds me of the old Triumph GT6 and it has a 3 litre Ford Essex V6 under the bonnet.

It was sold at auction last month, so a load more pictures and historical information are available on the auction site:
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Today I spotted this old Mercedes van:

(Note behind the wind shield says it’s for sale.)

I also found this, a well kept Opel Rekord with no visible rust:


And something more modern, a Corvette C6 Z06:
That van is super cool, I've never seen one before.
It took me a while to notice it, but the hood ones are in the opposite direction.
it's a suprisingly-not-uncommon thing, even on high-cost, fully-custom paint jobs.

It makes sense on one car, though: