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Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

Yeah there's Lotus (British built sports cars, simplicate & add lightness) and there's Lotus (Chinese EV company who uses the name to sell more models).

So all the "ugh it's too heavy to be called a Lotus" whiners, it's not a Lotus at all... So stop whinging?
Seen this week

Opel Rekord

Lamborghini Aventador (not sure if that numberplate position is legal :LOL: )

Vintage Saurer Truck, 1970's somewhere
Nah that's obviously a Metrocab. :p

I'm kidding, yeah that's a P38 Range Rover. By the dirty tailpipe I'd guess it has the boat-anchor BMW diesel in it.

Spotter's trivia note - The Disco 2 has the rear step down when it should spring back up, but they always break and get jammed in the down position.

Never knew there was such a thing as 53AMG? Thought they were all 63 with the big V8 but apparently downsizing is a thing even in this weird part of the car market?
The current E-class-lineup doesn't include a V8, instead the current AMG E 53 is a 3-litre V6 hybrid which has more combined power than the V8 biturbo in the previous E 63 AMG, but not as much as the previous E 63 S. Apparently even the previous generation had an E 53, but if people want a pose-mobile they always go for the biggest number, and if they just want an E-class they don't buy an AMG. ;)
^ while all of that probably makes economic sense (woo v6 hybrid with more power than v8 while also being cheaper)thats not what you want in a freaking AMG?
So ugly that it's cute.
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This classic mk1 Golf convertible:

A really old Mercedes that has seen better days:

At the Hurtigruten museum in Stokmarknes in Northern Norway they have the old MS Finnmarken (in service from 1954 to 1993) standing in a warehouse. Onboard they had this pristine Ford 17M standing on top of the cargo deck:


Also, this old fire engine:
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Somebody actually went and bought one! 😮 Makes a certain amount of sense in my town, where this was taken, because the local chemical industry produces hydrogen as a byproduct and they started selling it years ago.