Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

I wish they had shows like that around here! You should take the Murcielago/Veyron picture and put a speech bubble that says "Fu*^!" above the Lambo. :lol: I bet seeing the Bugatti roll in made him feel a bit unmanly. I love how the Veyron is parked in a handicap spot!

Well...its at least a picture, and I know I spelt Bentley wrong.
Yea. When Bugatti Veyron came into the parking lot, all the people just like "suck" by the Veyron. The SLR, CGT, Murcielago becomes like empty. The other cars like Ferrari 360, Vipers, porsches....etc, :wall: :wall:
Wow....THat is nice!
Here's the video I record today...
The Bugatti wasnt sound as I expect to be.......
The bike team just rock on road!
T3 MOTION Personal Vehicle.....:)
:) :) :) Enjoy~ Turn your speaker to the loudest:mrgreen:
He didn't push the Veyron AT ALL.
Isn't it usually the case that the people who own really expensive cars are... well, noobs?
Isn't it usually the case that the people who own really expensive cars are... well, noobs?

I've asked a couple owners to push their cars, in real life. One was a red 430, well I didn't really have to ask since he always went full throttle in the 1st and 2nd gear. The other one was a Gallardo Spyder which I saw a few months ago @ work. Talked with owner a little bit, asking whether his car was E-Gear or not, and he was nice enough to accept my suggestion. He went 6-7K RPM, 1st gear, right in the fricking parking lot. It was late night, thus not busy at all.
Yea, that guys never push his car. His enzo came twice already and never push it.
But the weird things is last time the MAybach company drove the Exelero concept to the car show, that car is the show car for LA auto show, and they pushed it(they shouldn't).....HAHA, sounds cool.:)
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Past days

Awesome Elise





Sex on wheels, V10 S6




Tee heee hee he

That looks exactly like my mother's S6. Gorgeous elise too.
Lovely S6... I love those. If I were ever in the market for such a car there's a good chance I'd pick it over the M5.

The upcoming RS6 must be hardcore sex on wheels as opposed to just sex on wheels. :D
they can easily push the exelero as it has a pretty stock engine :)

they did some speeding in nardo with it as well........
Mmmm I love being back in Vancouver...that S6 reminds me of an RS4 I saw last night just goosin' it up Granville. German V8's sound amazing.
Was it white? I saw a white RS4 last week, looked too good.