Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

I like the Z4 M Coupe, mainly for its performance. I'd still take the E46 Coupe over the current one...
Hmm, the performance does seem good on those Z4 M cars. I mean it's a good recipe... good NA engine with the proper roadster setup... like a Miata on steroids. But God it's ugly... the front looks too depressing.

I saw two new X5s today for the first time... not too bad at all. Although it's unnecessarily bulgy in some places like the new ML... I don't get the fascination with these huge arches and junk on SUVs.
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Saw these today:

Porsche Roadster


A very old Volvo Estate (does anyone know how old this car is?)


And last but not least, a Ferrari (sorry for the crappy pic, I was quite far away from it)

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I spotted this Ferrari 360 at an intersection on my last trip to Seattle. I wasn't quick enough with the camera to get it while it was stopped, but better than nothing I guess:

Past week

money's good :cry:


even better


at school


today at work


The back of the white Z4 M as actually slightly nor revolting... and that Gallardo is great. This car looks amazing in any colour... even in Verde Ithaca (aka vomit green).
I don't like the style of it either if that's what you mean... I don't even like the coupe's style either but the convertible is worse. Especially in that copper colour with a black roof... eww.
Spotted a flame-red Volvo c30 doing around 200 km/h (in a 70 zone) on the highway some hours ago.

Haven't seen it IRL before, and it looks hot.

It didn't have license plates, so i guess it was the dealer taking it out for a spin :)
That red is pretty amazing...Rosso Andromeda...

Here it is on one of their Murcielago's

I saw some firsts today... a Z06, an M6 convertible and a pretty white 997 GT3.
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Went to the Montreal auto show today.

Some some really cool shit....

Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Lamborghini Gallardo

Porsche CGT

Needs no introduction...

Saleen Mustang

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Edition

Lime Green Dodge Charger - Focused on the main reason to buy this car

Sumthin' for da ladies

Camaro Concept

Corvette Z06. In person this is a a gorgeous frickin' car. Pushed the rear bumper like Clarkson did on Top Gear. Carbon fiberness confirmed.

Mazda Kabura Concept

Jaguar XKR

"New" Cobra.

Tuned Nissan Silvia

Lotus Elise... damn this thing looks awesome

Some old Ferrari. Can anyone ID the model/make. No one was going to see it, but I thought it was gorgeous.
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Nice pictures. I don't like the rims on the XKR... seems like they're not as special as they should be.

I, too, have pushed the rear bumper of a Corvette to confirm like Clarkson did. :p
And that was the best looking Ferrari of the time. Makes you wonder if you did so buy one today, say the F430, would your kids be going "dad what kinda car did you drive? and why did you have a mustache? and wear those jeans? and who is that little English looking man with you?"
Does that Gallardo have the Carbon-Ceramic Brake Option?
It's looks like it, but it is very difficult to tell from the picture.
Do you have more pics of that Charger? And is the engine bay in the production ones that open, I thought they would be more cramped. O TTTTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRREEEEEXXXXXXXX