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Hi. Does anyone know the name of the song from Clarkson's Duel DVD, which appears around 09:57, when he introduces the Audi R8 V10?
I NEEEEEEEEEEED to know the song at the beginning of this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3RoVqlIsuc
I have heard it millions of times on different tv shows and always remembered it from something when i was a kid but i can't refer it to anything.
it's been haunting me for years AAAAARGH :(

Jeremy Clarkson's Heaven and Hell

Jeremy Clarkson's Heaven and Hell

In Clarkson's DVD, Heaven and hell. In the beginning of the TVR Sagaris Review, there is a tune that goes much like "Over the rainbow", But its spanked up a bit.. who did this?
Jeremy Clarkson The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. Does anyone knows the name of the song when the Stingray and the Super bird appears?
Howdy peeps,
Ive been pointed here as my song request is from a re-run of Top Gear, probably on Dave or something, and thus has a differently licensed soundtrack.
Please please please can anyone identify the piece of music between 1.10 and 2.30, that Monsieur Clarkson is talking (and burning British rubber) over?
Eternal gratefulness awaits him who can....
hey everyone, i've been desperately trying to find out what song is playing in Top Gear Apocalypse (DVD/Bluray) when Hammond is driving the muscle car (outro to next segment)...

Any ideas?
What is the name of the song playing at the very end of movie "Rock'n'Rolla",as the writing on the screen says: Animals Supplied by:Amazing Animals Weapons Supplied by Bapty &Company...It is the very last track in the film and does not appear in the soundtrack listing; it starts with a trumpet then a feminine voice says 'yeah-yeah' or "hear-hear/here-here".it sounds a lot like Thievery Corporation.
Thank you!
Watched Lock, Stock and two smoking barrels again the other day and I really like the song that's playing in the background when the guys are gathered in the pub in the end of the movie.


Song starts at 04:00. Can anyone help?
Just looking for this song (1:57 - 2:24) from Jeremy Clarkson's 'At Full Throttle' (2000).

I've searched everywhere for it, used song identification programs and I've searched every post in this thread for it - Nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. I've been watching a promotional DVD given away with an old edition of the UK Top Gear Magazine, entitled "The Races". On the DVD, it includes an edited version of the Bugatii Veyron vs. Cessna Aircraft Race. At 8.01 in this section of the DVD, just as Jeremy is driving off the Eurostar Train in England (with the bottle of 'orange liquid' in the foreground), a piece of music starts that I would love to know the name of. I have checked the 'TG What's that Song' for the episode in which this race is featured, and a different song is used. I have ripped this piece of music and it is available at this link <a href="http://www.4shared.com/audio/aUNe8i9g/Unknown_Song.html" target=_blank>Unknown Song.mp3</a> Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi guys! I am new to this forum. I was googling for some TG soundtracks and I found this forum, I am really glad that I found this.....I am huge fan of top gear and I love soundtracks, I Didn't want to start a new thread to introduce myself, I thought I would just jump in and blend in...I hope its not against the rules or anything as in many forums you have these so called rules to formally introduce yourself etc etc....

Does anyone know which soundtrack they use in Clarkson Italian Job 26:40? (Introduction of Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 superleggera ) :D
Looking for all the tracks used in this vid. Shazam and soundhound turned up nothing.

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I'm just swept away by the efficiency and the sheer knowledge you all posses about all the various tunes going around.I really need your help in finding the name of the song of the following commercial.I've been trying to locate it from quite some time now.I've heard the same song in the commercial of 'Locked up abroad' on the the National Geographic.Please help.Thank a ton :)