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I found half of the music that I requested in the last post on extrememusic.se titled Dimension Blur for whoever is searching for it. However, now I'm looking for two other songs used in the Netflix version of Top Gear's Polar Special (listed S10E0 on this website and S9E6 on Netflix). The first starting at roughly 45:30-45:48 and the second starting right after while they show the second boulder field (45:48-46:17).

Hi, anyone knows the music that starts at 8:50?

What's that song? - HBO's (so far no) Luck Edition

What's that song? - HBO's (so far no) Luck Edition

Hey all.
Given the daunting repository of musical knowledge displayed in the What's That Song subforum, I figured this might be the place to ask. I'm hoping to identify the music used in this scene of the first episode of Luck. Googlings will tell you that a piece from the Heat soundtrack is used in this scene, and it is. But in the last minute, another track is faded in. Have a listen.
I'm fairly sure that this music has been used in a TG episode at some point.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I'm going nuts over this.
I would like to know if anyone knows which song is being played at the beginning of this vid. from Chris Harris.
Maybe some production track from AudioNetwork.com
Just reminds me of Moving Lights from Bob Bradley: http://www.audionetwork.com/production-music/moving-lights_52474.aspx

You can also listen to it at these minute marks: 2:22, 3:50.

And on Fifth Gear too.... at the 30:46

[Edit] I actually found it on another video once more:

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I've got a real doozy for you: crap recording, talking, telephone, but who knows? One could get lucky.
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Melody kinda fits but I think it's a bloke singing and it sounds all around more contemporary.

I tried Shazam and other things, couldn't get a hit.

If anyone needs another incentive to have a guess: This is closely knit to the wooing of a girl person, so yeah.. potential first born baby names and such.
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Holy fuck that's it! Thanks man! Like really, thanks a bunch!

edit: Dammit, somehow I can't rep you right now. But I shall come back to that. Repeatedly.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Top Gear enthusiasts!

I have looked everywhere and haven't found anything with regards to the soundtrack in "Top Gear's the perfect road trip part two" special. If a thread need be started or if people can reply with any of the soundtracks in the special it would be greatly appreciated. The soundtrack I am specifically looking for is the underlying soundtrack starting at approximately 86:30, when they first begin to race each other in boats. Originally I was thinking it might be two steps from hell, or a separate album by Thomas Bergersen, but I haven't found anything yet. Please reply if you recognize it. I have uploaded a clip with the voices edited out you can find it here[video] http://youtu.be/rFV264vvpoU[/video], the quality is rather poor, but it was an attempt to isolate the song.

I sort of feel ashamed because I should know it, but the title's name just won't come off my tongue. Help much appreciated.

From 39:25 and onwards:

What's this song?

What's this song?


Came across this Youtube clip with a very promising song in the background. Any ideas what it could be? Been in contact with the publisher of the clip and he found on an unmarked CD-R lying around. Give the tune a 15-20 seconds to really get started :)

Thankful for all tips and ideas.

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