Other Song Requests

Hey Guys,

Needed help finding the name of a song in Clarkson's supercar showdown special. I've scanned all the threads I could find on this website for days, but none of them seem to have the name of this track. It sounds like a classical track which many people should be aware of...anyway it starts at ~0:55 and runs until ~1:17


Thanks so much for the help.
Hey Guys!

I've been looking for this track for several days and can't find the name on any of the other threads on this forum. Its from Clarkson's supercar showdown, and starts when he says "when they're all brought together." If you'd like a listen, the song starts @ around 55 secs and goes until 1:17 in this link:


Would love any kind of help or ideas at all!!

Background song ?

[h=1][22x00b] December 28th, 2014 [Patagonia Special, Part 2][/h] 26:13 - 26:20 what is the name of the song ? Thank you