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Ottawa weather.


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Dec 3, 2004
London, Ontario, Canada
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I feel sorry for the members out of Ottawa. Ottawa was a mess today when I was there for an interview. You guys got more snow than projected by the looks of it. My mom's car already had 3 inches of snow just standing for a couple of hours.

At least the weatherman told the truth this time.
Duh, that's nothing, look at what we had toning and we'll get tomorrow.

With huge ass winds, it's quite a good way to fuck up with rush hour traffic
yeh todays weather is fuked up :/ looks like it'll be the same for tomorrow fawkin shit took me more than half an hour to reach school.. when it should've only taken 12 min. :x hate snow :thumbsdown:
Re: Ottawa weather.

Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
It's not bad unless you go outside. :p

Mischief007 said:
I was there for an interview

Sitel Corporation is hiring for Call Centre. Technical support for Dell machines. I was offered the job right on the spot but I have an interview on Thursday with a company that I've been trying to get into for about 6 months.

If I don't get this job, then it looks like I'm moving back to Ottawa.