Ownership Verified: Our 1994 Daimler Six 4.0: ?1000 Brexit Express that's Not a Jag


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Jul 9, 2005
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My parents owned this car from new and it was chaffer driven then

Whoa, this is pretty amazing! Yeah, the car has been sitting my garage for... *ahem* few years. I'm afraid the body was in quite bad state when we purchased the car. It looks really presentable, but most of the sills and half of the front row floor was basically gone. Good news is that we liked the car way too much and didn't dare to throw it away for parts. My welding skills have improved considerably during the process (for pro it would've taken couple of weekends to fix) as has been my panel fabrication skills. Sadly time is limited and the garage is over an hours drive away, so progress has been very slow. But I'm committed to getting the Daimler back on the road. For now it won't be concourse restoration, most important is the get the car back on the road. But I won't be doing bodge job that I'll regret later.

Do you happen to have any pictures of the car you could share with us?