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An Unfortunate Discovery
Feb 17, 2006
Four from the top and two from the third row, UK.
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Other than the A.I. challenge, I haven't seen any videos made by us. Maybe they just got lost in the main thread, so I thought I'd start this as a place to stick our videos so they don't get lost.

To start, I've been playing with the pedestrians riot mod in single player and recorded some clips. I came up with a little story to link them all together. These are all as played, I have no intention of making them cinematic at the moment.

Escaping From Apocalypse Los Santos

"This city has gone crazy. People are out in the streets with guns killing each other. It seems like Trevor is the only one left with some degree of sanity... I need to get somewhere protected, maybe the army base will safe. It'll be a dangerous drive to get there though..."

Sadly this doesn't show deaths, but I was blown up by a rocket at the end. So close...

Heavy Armour vs Apocalypse City

"The army base wasn't safe at all, they're crazy in there too. I got this neat tank though so we'll see how this works out against the crazies."

Escape To The Airport

"That tank didn't work out too well, there are too many of them. Maybe if I can get in the air I'll be safe and I can head back to Sandy Shores. Security at the airport is pretty tight so I should be safe when I get inside."

I was in such a hurry I went to the docks by mistake and had to re-route to the airport.

Escaping By Air From Apocalypse City

"That was close but now I have this bird I should be able to get back, just need to watch out for people with rocket launchers."

I took my eye off the screen at the end, hence the crash...

I'm not sure what happened with the clips in the last one, it seems that when saving one clip and recording another a few seconds went missing. The others have audio drops but otherwise are smooth. :think:

The riot mod can be a lot of fun. :D
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My proudest moment, yes they're on my team. But we had alot of people on our side... I can sacrifice one or two.

Me and my buddy are total pricks, we have been doing this on PS3 for a while. So the PS4 version with recording ability made us happy.
(This was filmed before the homing missile was added :( )

Cars vs snipers, it's easy for him to run me over. It's hard for me to snipe him at that range.


I hate snipering, but these payout pretty well.

The first race was bullshit and I should have won, the second I don't think I made it in time, the game said I did.

I couldn't snipe Mount Chiliad whilst standing 2 feet away from it. However...


Getting the hang of the editor and cameras

This is weird, I can only describe it as a graphics shockwave. One car length radius around my car.

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