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Mar 31, 2008
Passat Alltrack
I had my employer's courtesy car again, and for a bit longer this time because my car ended up spending the night on the rack. Big cambelt service including a hard to reach toothed belt that runs the oil pump. Not necessary according to VW, but I prefer to swap it before the service light comes on... that is, the oil pressure light that tells you most of the toothed belt is inside the oil pump.

So, a 2021 or something Yaris 1.5 liter manual. Yes, a conventional drivetrain, not a hybrid. Mileage doesn't matter when the courtesy car renters are paying for the fuel.

The good:
- The dashboard is really solid and well laid out. Most things are on real buttons which are nicely dampened and backlit. So are the stalks. All the controls make sense. The "oh shit" handles are dampened, all four of them. VW, are you watching? You used to be great at these things.
- I've said this before but a 3-pot really makes a nice noise when you give it a bit of shoe. I'm used to a 2.0 TDI DSG and this is a nice change of pace. For a while.
- It has Adaptive Cruise Control. This japanese manual-transmission shoebox actually has ACC.
- It rides better than a small car has any right to.
- It's fun to drive. Remember, I'm used to bigger cars.
- The interior light comes on when you approach the car.

The bad:
- The outer door skin actually shudders/bounces visibly when you close the door with a normal amount of force. This does not feel reassuring.
- The *clong* from the hollow empty door when you let go of the outer door handle. Again, I don't want to have an accident in this.
- The ACC follows too closely even in the max setting. I was in a truck's salt spray for 20 kilometers today. It was nothing compared to how closely the truck was following a poor Ford Focus in front of him, but that's another story. Then again it's a base spec Japanese car and for it to even have ACC is astounding to me.
- The physical button for the auto highbeams is by your left shin. Wtf, toyota?
- It has auto headlights unlike most Japanese cars (it seems they learned) but I still had to twist the lights on today, it was a grey day and roads were covered in salt and slush. My Passat had switched the lights on a long time ago. So if you buy one of these and don't pay attention, you're still going to be that toyota driver without your fecking rear lights on.
- The throttle response is weird. When you rev it out and go for a quick gearchange it will still not have registered you letting go of the throttle by the time you release the clutch pedal in the next gear. Jerk-erk-erky gear changes.
- The bolted-on iPad feels like it's angled away from you in a Morris Marina sort of way. It probably isn't, but that's what it feels like sitting in the drivers seat which is pushed aaaallll the way back.

The noted:
- It's not a bad looking little rollerskate, but just like I didn't like it when Mercedes went from the W212 to the bar-of-soap W213, I like my cars to be a bit angular. See my avatar for one example.
- It is the same size as a Volvo V40 I parked next to today. Nobody goes "heehehehhe you're driving a shopping trolley" when someone pulls up in one of those.
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Is all about the suomibass
Dec 5, 2004
Vantaa, Finland
VW id3, Honda NM4 Vultus
I left my car to service and update and i got the courtesy car provided by Europcar:

Skoda Enyaq IV 2023 rwd In grey



I had been thinking of one of these to replace the id.3 at one point, but never to around to test drive one. But now that I had one, might as well write something about it now.

The car is grey, with grey cloth seat’s, and front seats are with electrically adjustable ones with memory.


The back seat is from the small test that i have, really uncomfortable, as a bench. I would not want to sit there long periods. Rear seat on the id.3 is much more comfortable.


While i was at the back seat i noticed that the indoor lights on the doors turn to red when the doors are opened. I thought it was very neat, but door would have to be open pretty wide before the red light would be seen.

neat doorlights

As for the trunk, i really liked the squareness of it, and the carpet was actually the floor, no second floor underneath (apart the hole that housed the charging cables. The Skoda window scraper was also at the trunklid instead of the charging flap, like its usually in.
The bag hooks were on nice position and could be pushed in when not in use.
Boot cover didn’t move when trunk was opened, but it was easily pulled out and pushed in.


While Sitting on the driver’s seat, the seats were slightly more comfortable than the ones in my id.3, and seating position could set fine.
The only bad thing to me is that my right knee was rubbing on the centre console while I kept my foot on the pedals, and if I dropped my foot off the pedals my knee would not rub on the dash.
This is not problem with the id.3.



As for the dash itself, the screen containing the speed was to be always in good position, even if it was fixed in place (unlike in the id.3), and the centre screen was big and responsive (more responsive than the one in the id.3).


Also small clip of some music played on the stereo:

stereo test

Conclusion, it is nice car maybe back seats designed for car seats for kids instead of adults.
Felt slow while on full acceleration, but that might be due to lowest power motor and not awd.
front seats were nice, and there were lost more room on the dash for stuffs.

Would have to test awd, maybe better seats, but not on my sort list when replacing the id.3 in the future.