Our "own" car reviews

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i'll explain why I did this. We all love cars here, and we all think we know alot about them. So the car that we hand picked ourselves and chose to spend a large amount of money on, will always be 'the best' and 'awesome'.
I agree with you 100%, my post was meant for edkwon as he appears to have missed that part of your original post.
2008 Citr?en C8 Diesel


Had the pleasure (or not) to take my Sisters Familiy-van for a drive (with her little family) the other day. Or the "Eurovan" as it?s sold with different designs by Peugeot, Fiat and Lancia. I like it?s looks. It?s not a boring box but it?s also discrete for a family Van on the outside. The remote-controlable sliding rear doors are a great feature if you have a Baby in your arms you want to put in the backseat, and it?s good fun pressing the button from inside the house when old people walk by, giving them a heartattack :mrgreen:

I had to put one of the backseats back in for the day wich was quite easy, but it?s a rather heavy thing to lift and carry around. I just tought these seats that just fold away in other MPVs, do have ONE big advantage. Inside the Car comes with a lot of clever storage opportunities like you?d expect from a familiy mpv. I didn?t like the upholstery on the seats, but I guess it?s easy to clean from "child-dirt" and not as delicate as leather (but what do I know ...). What I didn?t like on the inside were the central instruments. I?m sure you?d get used to it sometime ... but in 3 hours driving it that day, I certainly didn?t. You have an extra little instrument right on the steeringwheel showing distances and warning lights ... why not have that display your speed too? I found it quite bothersome looking in the middle of the car when I was unsure if I was within the speedlimits.
Interiour Quality was okey as far as I could tell (it?s clearly not an Audi but hey ...), but (the car is 3 months old) the gear-lever nob is a bit wobbly and is possibly starting to come loose. :rolleyes:

With the C8 you can get Parking sensors for the back (wich this one had) ... but none for the front. Wich is quite stupid because the back is perfectly visible (with the big side mirrors and the fact that it is squared at the back) and the round, long stretching front is extremly hard to grasp.

On the Autobahn it?s really a comfy cruiser, it?s suspension is made to be quite soft (like you?d expect from a Citr?en). But the soft suspension also made me feel very unconnected to the car. Always cought myself doing 50 in a 30km/h Zone in town because there is just no feel to it. Wich gives you no confidence to drive it fast(er) in corners. With children in the back, I of course didn?t try it out :)
Wich brings us to the BIG negative point of the car ... the engine. I don?t mind Diesels in general, I mind this one. It?s 170hp are not the Problem. On the Autobahn, I hit indicated 180km/h with it (due to traffic, don?t know how far it would have gone up) wich I thought was quite good and still at that speed it was very comfy and silent inside. On the Motorway, the engine is really at home. Loads of torque low down so you don?t need to shift down from sixth gear often. But in town, it?s a totally different story. The Turbo kicks in far too soon and it?s quite brutal, there is no smoothness to it at low(er) speeds. I consider myself quite an experienced driver (diesels, turbos, vans, small Trucks - had them all) and I?ve never struggeld this much at the lights and in town in general. It?s not the problem to get it going, it?s getting it going smoothly. At something between 2500 and 3000 rmp the turbo kicks in and you just fly forwards. Below that it?s quite nice, but just slightly over the mark and the whole thing just explodes forward. It?s my sisters daily drive now and even she hasn?t figured it out.
Some good reviews, I prefer these over "professional" ones just because I always get the feeling that those aren't being totally honest, and they are sooo boring. These are honest and to the point.
I agree with you 100%, my post was meant for edkwon as he appears to have missed that part of your original post.

yep i missed that part, sorry, i thought your 'own' car meant cars that belonged to us.
I guess I should post what I've actually driven to make things easier with no guessing. All of these are new other than the exceptions I mark off.

Subcompact: Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Aveo/Pontiac Wave/Suzuki Swift +, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Kia Rio

Compact: Chevrolet Cobalt/Pontiac G5, Chevrolet HHR, Toyota Corolla(2003-2008), Toyota Corolla(2009), Hyundai Elantra(2001-2006), Hyundai Elantra(2007-2008), Nissan Sentra, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Ford Focus(2001-2007), Ford Focus(2008), Dodge Caliber, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Kia Spectra, Volkswagen City Golf, Volkswagen City Jetta, Volkswagen Jetta, Volvo S40, Volvo C30

Midsize: Ford Fusion, Pontiac Grand Prix, Pontiac G6, Buick Allure, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu, Mazda6, Kia Magentis, Hyundai Sonata, Chrysler Sebring/Dodge Avenger, Nissan Altima, Cadillac CTS, Cadillac STS

Fullsize: Buick Lucerne, Ford Taurus(2008), Toyota Avalon(2000-2004), Cadillac DTS, Dodge Magnum

Small SUVs: Ford Escape, Jeep Compass, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Patriot, Dodge Nitro, Kia Rondo

Medium SUVs: Mitsubishi Outlander, Suzuki XL-7/Pontiac Torrent/Chevrolet Equinox, Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Trailblazer, Cadillac SRX

Fullsize SUVs: Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon, Mitsubishi Endeavor, Ford Expedition, Dodge Durango, Hummer H3

Minivans: Pontiac Montana/Chevrolet Uplander, Dodge Caravan(2001-2007), Dodge Caravan(2008)

Small trucks: Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon, Dodge Dakota

Large trucks: Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram

I think that's it.

Edit: Nope that wasn't it, I already forgot a few
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If I can be bothered i'll do one of an x5 when I get home... :p
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I guess I should post what I've actually driven to make things easier with no guessing. All of these are new other than the exceptions I mark off.

Subcompact: Hyundai Accent, Chevrolet Aveo/Pontiac Wave/Suzuki Swift +, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Kia Rio
whats your favorite subcompact? my parents are looking to buy one cheap for shopping and city duties...i want them to get a Fit, but i think they are siding with the Versa. I assume the Kia Rio sucks, but if its decent it might be up for consideration since its so cheap.
whats your favorite subcompact? my parents are looking to buy one cheap for shopping and city duties...i want them to get a Fit, but i think they are siding with the Versa. I assume the Kia Rio sucks, but if its decent it might be up for consideration since its so cheap.
The Fit is IMO the best of the lot, I actually enjoyed driving the Fit and thought it was quite fun...better than the Civic dare I say. One of the things about the Fit is it is quite expensive for a car in this class, but your getting a nicer styled interior and better materials. Power in the Fit is well suited to city driving, a little bit slow for the high speed freeway driving. Handling is one of this car's best points making it very fun, my primary reason for putting this above all else. Short term reliability...all of our Fits run extremely well with no issues. If you have the money, the Fit is no doubt my choice all things considered, aside from its high initial cost its running costs are low.

My second choice goes to the Toyota Yaris, its surprisingly cheap in its base trim levels with no options. The Yaris seems to be the most economical of the subcompact cars, reasonable price to buy and cheap to run. Unlike the Corolla the steering feel to the Yaris is more playful with its good handling, not as fun as the Fit but far better than anything Toyota has come up with lately. The interior design of the Yaris is quite good for both sedan and hatchback, its quite roomy even for larger guys. The interior quality is really my big issue with the Yaris, its not the high quality interior you would expect from Toyota with noticeably cheap plastic. Differences between the Yaris sedan and hatch all have to do with size and minor interior differences ie. stereo, dash gages etc. The sedan is the largest car in its class while the hatch is one of the smallest. Over the short term, despite having several abused Yaris not a single one had a actual mechanical or electrical fault. If I was on a very tight budget, the Yaris is most certainly the one I'd choose.

The Versa...there's a lot to like about the Versa when it comes to the drive. I liked the handling and its more powerful than the Yaris and Fit. Interior quality is not as good as the Honda, but slightly better than the Toyota. My only issues with the Versa has been its build quality and starter problems. Some of my branch's Versas are missing interior parts because some have come loose, possibly due to abuse but none of the Yaris or Fits lost a single piece. The starter on the Versas is bad, a lot of our more used Versas just don't start the first time you crank it. The worst one took me 4 times to try to get it started. Breakdowns have happened to only two of our Versas. I like this car, but I'm just not sure about its durability in the long term.

The Accent is a decent car and has good power although the steering is a bit tough for something that's supposed to be nimble. Surprisingly one of our newer Accents(2000 kms) had transmission problems, hasn't happened on any other Accent yet. Interior quality of the Accent is actually kind of equal to the Yaris, the only difference is the Accent's center cup holder coaster can be removed and you see a giant hole through your interior. The Kias for some reason still have quite a few problems both electrical and mechanical even though they're similar to the Hyundais now. The worst thing about the Kia is the interior is so depressing, I thought it was terrible and very cheap. You get a lousy stereo in both the Hyundai and Kia. The Aveo is much like the Kia but more reliable, the base interior being equally depressing. I'd go with the Accent if you have to go Korean.
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2008 BMW x5 3.0d

Not my car (obviously - my parents)

What to really say about the x5? Huals our offroad caravan in luxury. They considered the various options in the segment like the Range Rover & Range Rover Sport were eliminated for having fairly poor resale value, a luxury land cruiser (saraha model) actually cost MORE than an x5 (which is suprising)

Basically what they have is a x5 3.0 diesel (single turbo model) with quite a few bells and whistles here and there. Drives quite like a largish sedan which is a pleasent change from the tractor like Toyota Prado we had previously, and the power is enough (160kw/500nm) to move it's relatively heavy 2 tonne weight. My dad's reasoning behind the diesel over the sports diesel was that he figured he already has a 335i in the states for when he wants pedal to the metal and can just borrow my brothers civic type-r when he wants something fun in AU.

It's been fitted out with a brake controller for towing and is due to be fitted with a dual battery setup when BMW AU figure out the best way of doing it. Another set of 18's or 19's running on normal (non runflats) will be coming for when it's offroaded (unlike many other x5's this one will see the bush)

The most major weakness while driving an x5 not fitted with xenon globes is that the lights are crap, amazingly crap infact. They provide almost no illumination at sign level, BMW AU told us this is a common complaint because the xenon's are such a damn expensive option (over $5000 because of the washers or something)

Another toy that it's fitted with is one of finalgears most hated devices... iDrive :p
In all honesty I don't find it that bad in the x5, the improvements they've made over the years seem to make a difference. I find the map presentation somewhat ugly for a car of 2008, at least compared to my runout model accord euro which has quite an old design sat nav in it.

iDrive supports all the usual bevy of multimedia option including digital TV. BMW recently changed the way the iPod connectivity works with iDrive. It used to be that it was only a dock connector now you have another audio cable for some reason. This would be fine if it actually worked properally but it seems that there is a loose connection in the car part so BMW will be fixxing that up. Why they changed to this I have no idea as the straight dock connector that's in the 3 is a much better setup. That said the USB port lets you use any mass storage device (I haven't got any large hdd based mass storage device, only a 4gb memory stick which works fine) Another nice touch is that if you hover over the preset buttons it shows you on on the iDrive what pressing on it will do, eg for radio preset it will show the frequency and the name of the station (from radio text) This feature works exactly like the ipods click wheel. Asides from the aforementioned iPod cable the sound quality is fairly amazing and can go distractingly loud without the car shaking itself to bits.

And now for the piccies



Annoying warning each time you start it




ipod like buttons

not bad fuel consumption for a 160kw/500nm 2tonne 3L :p



TV disables itself at more than 5km

money shot
should we keep our "own reviews" in one thread or create a new thread for each one ala the excellent merc review?
I really like the new-ish X5. Its got one of the nicer BMW interiors.

Does that X5 come with the gear lever that looks like a sort of sex-toy? I don't know if I like that about BMW's...

TVs FTW :thumbsup: Auto-disable feature FTL :thumbsup: Check on BMW forums. There may well be a secret way of turning off that feature. It is possible with Mercs, at least. But keep in mind possible law, insurance, warranty issues that could come out of it. Not that I need to tell you; your a smart chap.

should we keep our "own reviews" in one thread or create a new thread for each one ala the excellent merc review?
It'd be sufficient if they all stay in the one thread.

If you review a particularly interesting car like that S-Class thread or like a supercar or something - maybe best have a thread of its own. And if you post lots of videos and pics; likewise.

Otherwise - meh, go nuts :mrgreen: Just my 2C
I really like the new-ish X5. Its got one of the nicer BMW interiors.

Does that X5 come with the gear lever that looks like a sort of sex-toy? I don't know if I like that about BMW's...

Yeah it's got the peni....



Neither of the 3er's had/have it
You all saw it coming.


I don?t know why ? I really don?t, but there?s always something special about your first. No matter what you do after that first experience, there will always be the warm memories that will last you for the rest of your life. Or so I thought. Sadly, my first relationship with the opposite sex only lasted two weeks. Since then, I?ve almost completely forgotten her, and had bigger and better relationships. But there?s one first I?ll never forget about.

The first day I got my license, I drove my first car ? A 1985 Nissan Bluebird GXE. Let?s say, there really wasn?t much to be excited about. At the time, it was 22 years old. The exterior was nothing to be excited about. Designed by someone who clearly had a box fetish, it has about as much visual flair as a bar of soap, along with the aerodynamic properties. Under the boxy, boxy exterior laid a heart of pure arthritis ? a 2.0 Litre 4 Cylinder engine that produced 78kW. Mind you, that was back 22 years ago.

Let's say I wasn?t expecting much. But it wasn?t nearly as bad as I was hoping. Time had been kind on Bluey (Yes, I?ve named him), with only 150,000km on the clock. To drive, it wasn?t quite so bad. The steering feels surprisingly natural and moderately direct (despite the big deadspot in the middle), just don?t be expecting any quick action.

It?s surprisingly communicative, for something that has the stigma of being driven around by everyone?s grandparents. Fling the car into a corner and you can feel exactly what the front wheels are doing ? it?s very easy to realise the limits of the skinny tires. And if you are stupid enough to drive it a bit too fast in the wet, it?s very easy to manage. If it weren?t for the sheer feeling of the steering, there are times that I could have been completely obvious to the evil plots of the live, solid rear axle. But all things considered, it?s rewarding to drive and you feel like a part of the equation.

Surprisingly as well, the ride is actually quite firm and dampens to bumps rather quite well. I used to think it was like jelly, but I had no idea what jelly suspension is really like. The car was a Mazda 323, and it was the perfect car for head bangers. Go over any speed bump at faster than 3km/h and the car shakes, shakes and shakes for miles down the road. Coming back to the Bluebird, it's sports car firm in comparison. I guess you don?t know how well you have it until you truly see the worst. That said, cornering can feel like your in the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but it just adds to the hilarity and fun of the experience. Gives the whole ride a sense of humour.

Connected to the heart is a horrible, 3 speed automatic. It really is amazing how a ghastly gearbox can ruin all the power of the engine. While 78kW and 160Nm seems laughable today, it only weights 1090kg. Also, maximum torque comes in at 2800rpm, so it has some decent midrange. But it?s got completely nothing in the lower and higher ranges. This wouldn?t be so bad if it had the optional 5 speed manual, but because of the 3, long geared cogs, it feels so unwilling to rev. I really do get the feeling that this car would be a hell of a lot faster, involving, satisfying and economical with a manual. That reminds me, 10L/100km is about the best you get thanks to the automatic. It?s one hell of a horrible compromise.

The interior isn?t half bad. Thankfully, the first owner had some taste and optioned the beige/cream interior instead of the dreadful light blue. The seats are also supremely comfortable, it?s like sitting on a couch. The quality is alright, with only horribly hard, scratchy plastics on the centre console and the bottom part of the dash which you never touch. Although, I wish it was put together with a bit more care. The doors don?t have a nice sound when they close. Wind noise is horrible if there?s a bit of a breeze, and you can barely hear yourself when you get above 80km/h. Which is the least of my worries really, because at 100km/h, the engine is doing 3500rpm and honestly, it's not relaxing. Maybe this was Nissan?s attempt at solving the problem of fatigue on country trips? I certainly couldn?t fall sleep while driving this in the country.

Despite being the so called luxury ?GXE? model, the only luxuries are the wheel covers on the outside and the fancy dash. Over the lesser models, you get a tachometer and some stupid LED barrel gauges. They?re kinda cool and work reliably, all expect for the fuel gauge. As you drive, the fuel gauge changes its mind more than a 3 year old in a toy store. You?ll look down at the gauge, with it flashing crazily, like you?re about to run out of petrol. You turn into the petrol station and get on some perfectly flat ground.. and it looks at you all funny. ?What the hell are we doing here? You?ve still got a quarter of a tank?. It gets tiring, to say the very least.

But despite it?s faults, I love this car. Time has given this car personality. While it can feel very grumpy at times, it tries it?s very best. It may be an old dog, but it has life in it yet. But drive anything else better, and you realise that it?s not that great at all. But it?s not like my first girlfriend - in the back of my mind, I?ll always remember my first car.

Oh, and I might add, it's never broken down once, or given me any troubles. I guess it proves that an Australian built, Japanese car can actually be reliable.
It'd be sufficient if they all stay in the one thread.

If you review a particularly interesting car like that S-Class thread or like a supercar or something - maybe best have a thread of its own. And if you post lots of videos and pics; likewise.

Otherwise - meh, go nuts :mrgreen: Just my 2C

indeed, since it's my thread its my rules and you can post all of it here, unless it's a very very special car

the S class could go either way though, it's more down to personal preference.

I'll be doing the Alfa 159 review in a few days myself, still not made my mind up about that car
Alfa Romeo 159 1.9 JTDM

Had this car since Friday as a loaner from work and I'm not sure what to think. As is obvious with any Alfa, is that it looks very very pretty, outside and in. The drawbacks to that is that the car itself feels alot bigger than it really is (flared wheel arches and big mirrors help). This makes it really difficult to park, especially since rear visibility is virtually non existant.

The seating position is spot on, and the handling around fast or slow corners is just fantastic though. I've yet to drive a better FWD car, this thing will NOT understeer, which is a great achievement. It is rather heavy (1600 kgs) and with a detuned engine for fiscal reasons (115 hp instead of the normal 125), it's rather sluggish at first. I needed to adapt my driving style from the lazy torquey diesel one to suit the car. I dunno how they did it but this is a diesel engine that genuininely likes revs. It even sounds half decent too!

Little niggles are always an issue with Alfas, and this one is no different. Since I had it Ive seen all sorts of warning lights (ABS Failure, ASR failure, check engine), trouble starting, but i'll give the Alfa the benifit of the doubt since it had been standing still in our garage for over 2 months. All of the "errors" mysteriously dissapeared too :?. Also, for a car this size I thought it used up quite a bit of diesel, 7,2l/100 km is pretty poor considering a similarly specced BMW 320d needs only 5,5l and gets more power too!

The thing is : I get why people drive Alfas now. They look brilliant, they drive like a dream, and there's a few practical things you need to ignore. The boot for instance, while largeish, is just not large enough to move big stuff. It barely fit all the shopping that usually gets transported by my Astra without trouble.

It has NO space for anything bigger than a small book, no space at all for roadmaps, drinks, etc, even a pair of sunglasses is hard to get rid of. Strange that a car that's so big on the outside can be so small on the inside.

I just don't know if I would be willing to pay 35k? for one of these. Yes, you do get one of the best looking, and driving cars in this class. I've driven a new gen BMW 3 series and driving wise, it's very similar. But I'm afraid if it were me, I'd be put off by the fact that it's too impractical in the real world, not to mention, rather expensive. I'd probably go for the standard and boring Audi if it were my money . Sorry Alfa :cry:

picture time :


stunning looks, great color too, sort of brownish grey. according to the booklet the exact name of the color is "undefined" :lol:


Lovely place to sit, please note that the steering wheel is white/silverish and that my camera is crappy


Lovely console and dials, that only the driver can read. This annoyed the wife greatly


Hmmmm... leather :drool:


Looks great from behind aswell. Not all that different from the old 156 but different enough to see that it's the new one.


My main reason for thinking it's cool : those headlamps are teh sex. Even better with foglamps turned on

here's a vid of the interior with engine start :

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Mmmm, very nice. I like that the paint on the gearknob's shifter patten is already fading! Classic Italian. I get the feeling that it'd be a lot more enjoyable with a petrol engine.
2001 Audi A6 4B 2.4 Multitronic

Everyone knows, that the fast Audis are very good indeed - the RS series, the R8 or even the normal S models. But the Audis people actually buy are the normal ones - the A3, A4. And, of course, the A6.

On Top Gear, Jeremy once described Audis as "cars made for German cement salesmen". Well, I am a proud owner of an A6 since about a year and a half now, and my job doesn't have anything to do with cement. In fact, many people wonder, how an 18-year-old guy drives such a huge and unsporty car. But I have my reasons :)

To begin with, it is a very good, solid car. Being a German car, even at it's 7,5 years of age I still get into it and can be 100% sure that I will just start it and go wherever I need - whether it's to the shops in downtown Frankfurt or to a ski resort it Switzerland 1500km away. In more than a year I've had it now, I never had to experience a single problem, which would cause me to interrupt or abandon a journey. And this is, in my opinion, one of the most important things a car should do.

Then, being a family saloon, it is very comfortable. The seats are good, the driving position is good, the ride is brilliant and it is very quiet. So quiet in fact, that it's a good thing I live in Germany - on the autobahn, you can't tell the difference between 120 and 170kmh unless you look at the speedo. The interior quality is also very nice - all the materials feel solid, no cheap plastics in here, everything fits properly and everything works.

Of course, to all those benefits, there also are downsides. The dynamics, for example - you wouldn't want to drive this car around N?rburgring, even though I live a humble 2,5 hours drive from it. The 2.4 liter V6 engine is good, although not very powerful - only 165bhp, but it is the multitronic CVT that ruins the acceleration and makes sporty driving at least unpleasant, if not impossible. It is very smooth when driving around normally, but when trying to drive fast, it's reactions are just too slow. And the brakes are not made for fast driving, either - after driving down a mountain road, having overtaken some motorcyclists (they must have wondered...), the front brakes have actually started smoking, and I had to stop for 20 minutes to let them cool down so I could brake again.

The other downside to driving a big heavy car with a V6 is the fuel consumption. Driving around normally, I get around 11.5l/100km (~20,5mpg), and compared to smaller cars many of my mates drive this is a lot. But then, their Polos mostly run out of power at 140kmh, and at that speed everything shakes and rattles - whereas I can cruise past at 180, being perfectly comfortable, listening to some nice tunes.

Then we come to the looks. This car doesn't have anything special about it's styling. It was very brave and interesting back in 1997, when it was designed. But on the roads of today, it just blends in. On top of that, mine has the most neutral color of them all - it is silver.

All said, I can conclude, that although big, heavy and thirsty, the A6 is a nice car to own, and it will take a while until I will be ready to change it to something else.

Pictures will follow later, I don't have any decent ones ready and it's raining outside so I can't go and get some.
In more than a year I've had it now, I never had to experience a single problem, which would cause me to interrupt or abandon a journey. And this is, in my opinion, one of the most important things a car should do.

:+1: VERY true!

We can argue about great looks, awesome power and fantastic handling, but if the car breaks down it'll be a short argument
Volvo S40 2.0D


(pic from Wiki but the one I had was exactly the same, even down the color and the wheels)

I drove a (work) Volvo S40 2.0 D a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing and weird at the same time.
It's a lot newer than my own car, rides brilliantly, smooth gearchange, and has relatively powerful diesel engine. It had a couple more horses than my own diesel car, and for some weird reason it felt so much slower. This is a car that wants you to always drive slowly, I hardly went over 120 kph (which is the limit) because it was just so relaxing.

You know when you sometimes watch some random TV movie and forget what it was about the second it ends. It was like that. The car itself is great, nice interior, all the options you could want (except maybe an MP3 player connection), good power, good fuel economy, handles OK,...
it was just so boring that I struggle to remember the feeling of driving it

I drove it again today and the feeling remains the same. It felt like the polar opposite of the Alfa, which drives brilliantly, but nothing on it works. Here everything works in complete silence and tranquility, but at the same time it?s all so mind numbingly dull. I tried speeding up, still boring. I tried fast cornering, after a scared ?almost brown trousers? incident I decided this car was scary in high speed corners rather than good. I tried violent accelerations and while the car itself is quite good and has some nice power, it?s lacking the surge of torque I?m used to in my Astra. I don?t know if it?s the higher weight or larger size, but you just don?t feel as connected as you do in another car.

Don?t get me wrong, from an objective point of view this car is brilliant, and it?s even well priced. You do get an awful lot of luxury and toys for your money but this is definitely not a car for me. I need something that makes you feel a bit more alive when you?re driving it. It?s like they tried to do the exact opposite, and on purpose. Me no likey.

Comfort and ride : 8/10
Excitement, passion : 0/10