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Should have gotten off the fence before now, then.

FYI, it was either a Rousch-made part or Rousch gets theirs from the same supplier. It's still available.



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According to anther vendor, it's available in nine Ford factory colors:

Yup, according to Rousch it's the same part:

So a lot of vendors now pulled their listings further adding to the confusion of if its backordered or discontinued. I did find this one listed at Beefcake racing - http://www.teambeefcakeracing.com/m-6346612-b-hd.html


But I don't want to be that guy that has color matched stuff inside my car (also Ford never made the cross brace in that color which means they open the box and have god knows who paint it, do not want). Its a very popular trend with the Green Mustang Registry and 99.9% of it looks TERRIBLE. Color matched trim for some reason trends high in the Mustang/Camaro/Corvette circles and is always garbage.

Also price.

They also list the regular kit - http://www.teambeefcakeracing.com/m-6346612-b.html. But still price.
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Does that hunk of metal do anything other than look pretty?
Thanks, what I meant is it structural?
Out with the hairdressers car. In with the Pony!

It's a body brace, intended to reduce/eliminate torsional flex. Much like the 350z and 370z have a rear strut tower brace for similar reasons.
Kinda sorta related

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I accidently my back seats.

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Because RACE CAR
Missed the milestone by thhhaaattt much.

How’s the interior trim holding up?

Just fine with no complaints save for the one trim rattle I've been chasing for years and can't seem to find.