Outlook 2000 issues


Dec 21, 2008
Jeep Wrangler
I use Outlook 2000 at work and yesterday it took a major shit. Meaning I lost all my emails along with the contact list I have. Read that if the .pst file goes over 2GB you're S.O.L. unless you trim down the file and surprise, my .pst was well over 2GB.

Now, I was able to get it trimmed down to around 1.5GB but the darned program keeps looking for a .pst file that isn't there anymore. I would think that to point the program elsewhere for the .pst I would have to mess with the registry, right? Just not sure where and I don't want to create even more issues :lol:

Also, I've uninstalled then reinstalled M$ Office (Small Business version, 2000) but it didn't help, only did it because my boss said try it and so I did.

Next step would just to reformat the bugger which would be oh so nice but that'll be a pain to round up all the programs to reinstall on the computer.

So... how can I point Outlook 2000 to another .pst somewhere else? The reason why I want it somewhere else is because it's not reading the new trimmed file I put in the old ones place.
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