OVH cloud storage fire


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Aug 1, 2006
March 10th
A fire at a French cloud services firm has disrupted millions of websites, knocking out government agencies’ portals, banks, shops, news websites and taking out a chunk of the .FR web space, according to internet monitors.
The fire, which broke out on Wednesday shortly after midnight at OVHcloud, destroyed one of four data centres in Strasbourg, in eastern France, and damaged another, the company said.
As a result of the fire, OVH shut down four of its data centres, making 3.6 million websites unavailable, at least for a while, including those of government providers, banks, weather sites, news portals and the government website But for some OVH customers, the temporary outage did not end there.
Back to zero

Among them is the computer game company Facepunch, which offers the multiplayer game Rust. In several tweets, the company announced that the game saves of all users on a total of 25 different servers were lost. To understand the scale: up to 10,000 players can hang out on each of these servers at the same time.
Because to prevent data loss, one back-up is actually not enough; it is better to have several independent back-ups at different physical locations.
No back-up, no pity