Paddy McGuinness Crashes Lamborghini filming for TopGear


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Apr 3, 2006
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Paddy McGuinness in Lamborghini crash after filming in Lancashire and Yorkshire
Paddy was left uninjured but "shaken" after the Lamborghini he was driving sped off the road after he misjudged a corner

Top Gear's Paddy McGuinness has crashed after a Lamborghini Diablo he was driving sped off the road.

Pictures sent exclusively to LancsLive show the £250,000 supercar being hauled away on the back of a recovery vehicle after the incident happened between the Lancashire and Yorkshire border.

Police were called to the B6255 near Ribblehead and confirmed no other vehicles were involved.

An eyewitness told LancsLive how Paddy was doing several takes along the damp road when the crash happened.


Where the Lamborghini Diablo sped off the road (Image: SS Digital Images)
He said: "I didn't see it crash. They were doing several drives up and down the road and then an ambulance went down. It turned out it had crashed.

"By the time I got round the corner they had already moved it.

"The weather was pretty dry but the road was a bit damp. "

Comedian Paddy was left uninjured but "shaken" after the Lamborghini he was driving sped off the road after he misjudged a corner.

A source told a national title: "Paddy is fine but a bit shaken as anyone would be when having a scare at speed.


The recovery today (Image: SS Digital Images / LancsLive)
"It could have been a lot worse.

"There's always paramedics and police on a Top Gear shoot so he was in good hands for a onceover but he's smiling as ever."

Paddy's Top Gear co-host's Freddie Flintoff and Chris Harris were not thought to have been involved in the incident as the publication says that the former Take Me Out host was testing the road alone.

LancsLive reported earlier today how three iconic supercars, including the Lamborghini, were seen parked in the city centre's Holiday Inn car park on Monday ahead of filming across Lancashire and Yorkshire.


Police were called to the scene (Image: SS Digital Images)
Police attended the collision involving the Lamborghini Diablo - which is worth a staggering £250,000.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman told the outlet: "Police attended a collision involving a Lamborghini Diablo, which crashed into a field after the driver lost control on the B6255 near Ribblehead.

"The incident happened at around 3pm today.

"A Roads Policing Group officer noticed the incident while patrolling the route, which has a high number of serious and fatal collisions.

"Fortunately, nobody was injuries and no other vehicles were involved."
Surely, that name can't be real.
Surely, that name can't be real.

Sadly Paddy McGuinness is a real name. :LOL:

Ribblehead? You need to come to the UK and sample our silly place names. I'm still working on a John O'groats to Lands End roadtrip route via rude place names. Like Feltwell. :p

Anyway regarding the story I'm not too surprised that this is what happens when you give an old beast to a comedian.
I'm not too surprised that this is what happens when you give an old beast to a comedian.
I actually called this incident in a Discord server the day before it happened - that the two inoffensive stooges accompanying Harris wouldn't be truly appreciative of what they were behind the wheel of. And unfortunately, I was proven right. Clarkson's production crew was actually responsible for a different Diablo wreck back in 2000, but that was some lowly employee returning the car back to base rather than the on-screen personality losing their talent for a few seconds.

The Diablo has infamously bad snap-oversteer/kick out at the rear, beaten only by the classic 911 and Mk1 MR2. Any actual automotive journalist would be aware of this and would have taken it easy on the throttle. I'm wondering if during the few seconds before Slim Paddy
that bleach job looks ridiculous on someone his age
binned it he slammed his foot on the floor for the sake of "good TV".
I'll just take advantage of this thread for a spoiler tidbit.

I don't really "Keep up with The Topgearians" anymore, but I was properly startled today when I read in a news ticker that the team is down here for a spot of filming. More specifically, in the town of Cascais, which is the "proper" urban area closest to Estoril race track (which may or may not be worth mentioning). I don't have any other details.

They were probably hoping for some summer-like weather - tough luck! ? The north of the continent, apparently, is getting some nicer weather than we are at the moment.

EDIT - sorry about the mix-up, turns out it was the French lads. They did indeed visit Estoril:
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I am sure if they keep throwing presenters at it they will eventually figure it out in the UK. :p