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Paid downloads?


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Jan 1, 2005
Guys... was just wondering whether you guys know of any websites that you can pay to watch Top Gear? Yes yes.. i know Bittorrent is free.. I am just checking out... SOme help greatly appreciated..

SL65AMG~V12~604BHP!!!!!!! said:
Why, is this a setup? :p

Yeah, why are you asking anyway?
Well, I certainly don't know of anywhere you can pay to watch the videos. The whole of the online community tries to focus on FREE downloads, music, memberships, and the like no matter where you go. I would imagine in order to pay it would have to be like some online satilite TV company.

If you are asking because you want to give money to Top Gear, in exchange for viewing, I'm sure they would be more than abliged to take donations. I think the BBC in a nonprofit company and does accept donations... but then again I'm American and don't know much about international TV companies.

^but that's free as well

what a dilemma! wanting to pay for sth and not knowing to who :lol:
Wasn't a website created by the BBC on which you could see selected programs again? I sure it had only beta stadium, but I cant remember the name. But that was only for UK users anyway.
Maybe it's a good idea that offeri TopGear pay per view service in BBC website. Then people outside England can watch TG legally and BBC can earn some money.
The BBC couldnt sell it on their website, but BBC World could do so.
Has BBC World always aired segments of Top Gear with a 2 week delay? I always thought they air way later
I'm happy to pay a reasonable figure for the downloads - I figure I should support those making the show