Pandas, am I right?

She's in a better home.



Fuck yes.


Even in Monaco they love the Panda.


"Just crashed LOL, time to update my status."
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Nice thread. Don't understand the hate towards the new generation. You do know the Panda could've ended up looking like this, right?



We could've all be discussing right now the beauty of the Daewoo Matiz. :)
Guy on the Panda forum.

Well blow me down, who "rocks" up to my front door a little while ago to ask about my Sisley?
None other than global superstar & mega car nut, JK

Howie had caught his attention driving past, and he stopped for a chat. Seemed genuinely interested in a 4x4 Panda and explained about his 500 Abarth etc. I like his old 230TE he arrived in too (a great champagne green metallic & I'd happily have one of those).

"I'll be honest, my decorator came in & said you've got a visitor, it's JK."

Come on, thats pretty cool.
I still think we should have got the Panda here instead of the 500x and 500L.
One of the latest Wheeler Dealers episodes is a Fiat Panda 4X4
A Panda popemobile. Now I've seen everything.