No 56k: Parked like an idiot

Yeah, that bimmer parked right infront of the tourist infoboard, almost touching it. Was a old guy, and he clearly noticed his mistake when he stepped out of the car, but then went shopping anyway. Also note the family van to the right sitting on the line too... How hard is it to park a car?!
When we parked at the grocery store today, we parked in the middle empty spot of a cluster of 3 empty spots. Our VW Golf was basically smack-dab in the middle of the spot, parked nose-in.

When we left the store and approached our car, there was a guy who had just arrived at his crossover right before we got there, and he had taken the empty spot on our passenger side. He was huffin'and-puffin' to himself, acting annoyed at the little amount of space between the vehicles, and seemed to be struggling to get into his. I said, "Hey, we're leaving now, if that would help give you some more clearance!"

His reply, "Yeah, well you should have thought about that before parking here."


I just said, "Oh, sorry man!" and he said, "Yeah, well...just..." and then he climbed effortlessly into his vehicle, because there wasn't actually a tight space between our vehicles. He was just...acting annoyed to...I'm not sure what...get pity from us, and an excuse to be mad about something? I don't know...
Sadly I don’t have pic or video (wfh)… but today I received an automated email from our intranet at work: „could the person with the Duisburg plates please come to their care immediately. It is uncontrolledly sliding across the outside parking area…“