No 56k: Parked like an idiot

Holy Highway, Batman! Why do NK need such huge highway anyway?
  • To land airplanes on (hence no barriers).
  • To enable rapid movement of the army (especially important if the highway leads south).
  • To create a killing field the invading enemy have to pass.
  • To use in domestic propaganda.
And the main reason:
  • Because the Dear Leader said so.
Using highways as airstrips is nothing radical, many countries do altough NK's highways are excessively wide (however they could accomodate even very large bombers). The side of the higways are littered with massive vertical concrete blocks on explosive stands designed to collapse over the road should the enemy decide to make use of it. And when your road meets a mountain, you get a tunnel, which protects you from enemy fire and allows you to conseal your forces.

Bigger highway and more pictures at the Big Picture
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It just begs for rubber though. in any case, maybe we should make an NK thread somewhere else to talk about its peculiarity. i have much to say on the subject.



Greetings, lip

HA! Seems like after a relapse in 2010, they've returned to getting at least somewhat better at parking.

About the 2009 pic: How the fuck could you just get out the car, lock the doors and say "ahh can't be bothered...?" when your THAT far in the street? Boggles my mind. Ditto 2010 actually, but esp. confused on 2009 as they could have just threw 'er in reverse a few more turning required unlike 2010.
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Maybe the driver needed the rear space to open the trunk or load something into it. Or maybe the driver was with the runs and had to... run to the bathroom at that precise moment. :D
I'd park opposite the red suv, just to annoy the idiot.

I did actually, but he was still there when I left. I think he works in one of those shit fast-food restaurants. If that happened where I work, I'd likely be fired for parking like that.
Spotted some douche in my future college's parking lot:


Ok fine, that was me...because i was terribly shaken from having driven over this:

(yes, you can see my tire track streaking from lower right to upper left...:p)

absentmindedly with my car at a different college building just 2 minutes before...i heard the bang and freaked out...I was pretty sure I screwed something up and thought that i had messed up the steering...but that was all in my head.