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PC PVR recording settings


Mar 23, 2005
What settings do you recommend using to record? Right now I seem to have problems with movement on screen, it becomes jerky, which hurts the car shows I record. I do record a lot so I am looking for the best benefit between hard drive space and quality. Right now I am recording at a fairly low quality. If it helps I have an ATI tv woner pro.
what type of input are u using?
Well I've personally tried Beyond TV 3 (http://www.snapstream.com/) and it worked great. It can ecnode in WMV as well as MPEG, depending on your computer's speed, and it had a good user interface. It's worth a shot, since it has a free 30 day trial. BTW what are your computer's specs?
I use linux and MythTV, which is good. I would suggest if you have a cable box that you use svideo from the cable box to the card to get better quality.