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PC Video games


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Feb 2, 2004
San Diego
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I want to start playing a new video game on my computer what game should i get and play


what ever
i didn't like the first one to much shit jumpng out at me, and scaring the shit out of me
I don't really play the actual game that much any more, but Counter Strike: SOURCE is one of the greatest PC games I've ever played :)
Daniel said:
Elastomania! :lol:

Never heard of that...

Flatout is a good arcade racer, GTR the ultimate Racesim...

Anyone tried Juiced?? MoH:AA is a bit old but fun... HL2 and Far Cry are great too...
I don't play it but Need for Speed: Underground is popular...
dawn of war is pretty good strat game, HL2 or Doom3 (be warn you will crap your pants).

World of war craft looks pretty amazing, haven't played it yet though
Anybody can tell me what elastomania is?

I don't know if you play multiplayer games, but I am Battlefield geek, I play this game anytime i can. I bought everyone of those games, Can't wait for the Battlefied 2. Looks amazing.
so you're the same breed as my brother, he's obsessed by it