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PeerGuardian 2

Apr 11, 2005
Dubai, UAE
Ive just downloaded this program on the recommendation of a mate, also with the intention of trying to block or confuse TechZ's little signature :p, does anyone else use this prog? If so I wouldnt mind some evaluation on whether it is actually worth it...it has changed my Ip address so thats something.

Also if anyone else uses it would you mind telling me if you block alot of educational institutes attempting to contact you?

I highly doubt, it changed your IP... You get that from your ISP...

It blacklists other IPs that are likley to be involved with hunting down the downloaders...

I use safepeer, a plugin for azureus...

It shouldn't have changed your IP address, that's not what the program does. I've been using PeerGuardian since it's 1.x versions. A terrific program and the new one has some major improvements. No more blocked websites (as long as you uncheck the block HTTP field). I get a lot of blocked educational institutions as well.

No complaints here... fantastic program.