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Don't drop it! What's the hardness? I'm imagining it being rather brittle without the safety of a wood casing.

I'm rather fond of Sanford's ebony pencils for the feel while laying down graphite but eventually drifted away from them for constant use with how fast they dull while just jotting down text.


I figured it is not very drop-resistant. I got a 4B, because I like smooth pencils, I think that must be my sweet spot.
I'll check Sanford's, thanks.
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Yesterday I found out my father got a Parker 51 Aerometric as a gift some 30 years ago and someone stole it many years ago. :|

I am thinking of giving one for his birthday, but apparently they cost around US$200. :cry:
I actually rather like how the varsities write. They're a bit softer of a nib, so they form rather quickly and stay smooth until they're lost. It's just a shame that they hold so little ink...

I haven't noticed them being particularly short lived on ink, but then again I tend to loose them on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure that half the mass of my apartment consists of these pens.
I bought a cheap Jinhao X750, mainly because it has a metal body and I wanted to tinker with it.
Yesterday I dropped it and the paint chipped, so I just went "FUCK IT" and remove all the paint.
I am impressed how well it looks. They sell a silver version, but that doesn't have the bronze accents like mine.
I took out some of the shine on the nib fit the style. I also smoothed out the nib a bit.
It went from this:

To this:
Matching Parker set :D I've had the pencil for about five years - coworker gave it to me when I first started working here. Saw the pen the other day and had to have it. Over the last year or so I've randomly gone to cheap BIC pens and standard wood pencils - there's beauty in their simplicity - but now I wanted something a bit better quality that isn't quite so disposable, yet still cheap enough where I don't care if I lose them.


At some point I'll post my nicer ones that, sadly, don't get used.
Yup, the Jotter is a classic. And since it takes Parker style refills you have all kinds of options if you don't want the basic stock ballpoint cart it comes with.
My pilot metropolitan leaked into one of my favorite has been...ahem...right-sized with I need a new cheap fountain pen that I can carry about everyday...any new options? I would like it to have a feeder instead of cartridges.

And because normal notebooks bleed fountain pen in through, I got this


On recommendation from another writing enthusiast.
Yes, Clairefountaine is the go-to notebook for fountain pens.
Also, nooooo, poor Metro. :(
Have you tried a Lamy Safari? They're also the go-to pen when people want a cheap, reliable starter pen.

On the other hand, during my trip to Ringmeet 2016 I picked up a Lamy Safari Limited Edition Dark Lilac and accompanying bottle of ink. :mrgreen:

Currently I am waiting for a couple of Lamy Vistas (fountain pen and rollerball) to be delivered.
They already went through customs without taxation. :)

I am becoming obsessed.

If only I had USD1,300 to spare...
On literally the opposite side of the spectrum, I bought this


It's a Chinese copy of a Mont Blanc 149. It comes well recommended though.
What is it?
It's the Jinhao 159. Very creative name that is. At a fiver under $10, it's very customs friendly.
I had the same Parker at the top. Until i dropped it into a DAF tank.
I bought something that might be interesting for car people:

Aluminum body, magnetic cap and flush clip.
Feels very nice in the hand.
My son: "Dad, I am writing a lot in school and my gel pens keep running out. Can I get a fountain pen?"
Someone on Reddit bought a Lamy Safari and upon further inspection, thought it looked like a counterfeit pen (yes, they exist) but it turns out it was just a vintage piece that was lingering around in a random stationery store in Lisbon.
Those sell on eBay for as much as €200 depending on color and condition, but the shop owner was unaware and was selling them for the retail price (€25).
I managed to get one for myself. :)

Yes, that's the cool detail: it has "W. GERMANY" written on it, so that means it was manufactures between 1985 and 1989.
The cartridge that came with it has "1987" on it, so maybe that's the year of manufacture.