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Photoshoot of my pt this afternoon...


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Jan 15, 2005
Qu?bec, Canada
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Comments are welcome as I never pretended to be a good photographer and constructive criticism can help me make better ones next time.

However, pt bashers can leave this thread now.

Thanks. :thumbsup:
I like the last one the best, with the reflection off your rim and the bridge in the background. All the other shots are sweet too.
Some more full ass shots :p. Nice pictures Roman. Very clean PT and I must say not having the front licence plate bracket really helps the front end of the car. I wish Ontario got rid of front plates.
jayjaya29 said:
I like the last one the best, with the reflection off your rim and the bridge in the background. All the other shots are sweet too.

Hm, and I just wanted to say how bad the PT looks in frontal shots. Imo those make it look extra wide and clumsy.

Anyway, here's what I think about them.

The first pic is a tad boring. It looks like taken on a autobahn service area. Not exactly a nice location.

The second pic is much better. The car could use a bit more angle though. Unfortunatly the quality is lousy. Have you taken it in night mode or sth ?

The third shot would have looked better if you would have captured only half of the car and more scenery to the right. Again, quality is too grainy.

Fourt shot. The car actually looks very nice. The bland power supply lines and the bridges in the background ruin it for me though.

I somehow like the next pic. Could it be because there's no "scenery" visible. :p J/K The angle looks good.

The last pic makes me cringe though. You've sucessfuly captured everything that's depressing about our modern society. Asfalt everywhere, combined with those hideous light posts, the rusty steel bridge and a grey sky. Looks like taken in the Eastern Block to be honest.

The only thing positive about it are the rims which shine like you've just finished shooting a rap video with puff diddly.

I hope you won't choke me now. :mrgreen:
Nice Roman! Last shot is indeed best one, are you gonna lower it a little bit in the future? The pimprims look real good on it!
Oh second to last pic is awesome too :)
Thanks for the comments guys. :) Swek too. ;)
Seems most of the background I was trying to incorporate you didn't like though. :(
Maybe I like the bridges more because of the fun I have driving on them then the way they look. :unsure:

I know lighting conditions would have been better (sun facing the city across the river) early in the morning but I am not about to get up that early on a Sunday morning. 8)

Anyone else cares to had a comment or two ?
I'm listening...
Jostyrostelli said:
are you gonna lower it a little bit in the future?
I want to. I am toying with the idea... :unsure: Cost is what is keeping me from doing it now. :think:

freakster_991 said:
what camera are u using?
Nothing fancy, my Sony PC101 in camera mode.
At its highest resolution (1152*864), it is good enough to make wallpapers I like (screen resolution is 1280*1024). :)
here ya go, just google translate it or something...

I'm quoting myself from another forum we both visit:

Renesis said:
cot? ?clairage/setting c'est peut-?tre pas id?al mais j'aime bien les angles de tes photos, surtout celle-ci


looks good but get some rims and drop it. an exhaust would hurt either because iirc they are pretty restrictive.

buuuttttt... its the ultimate sleeper the way it looks now.