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PHOTOSHOP users--plz help


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Jan 19, 2005
first of all, im not sure this is the right place to post but wth

does anyone know how to find the exact color of a certian part of a picture so you could use that same color somewhere else? to be a bit more precise, i have a white logo on a black t-shirt..how do i find the exact black to cover the white logo?? gracias
With the control-key you make the cursor a coloradapting thingy...

Click the color you want and it shows up on the right in your colorbox.
hmm i cant get it to work..it gives me an error when i hold the ctrl key...
there is an icon, that looks like the sharp needle thing they use in hospitals, click on that, and suck the color from the image that u need
That thing used to get fluids and dispense drops one by one.
or first use the pencil and then press alt, you should get that thingy than.
If you need it outside of photoshop, there are several (free) progs out there on the net. Very handy. Just do a search on google for 'colorpicker'. If you need the free ones you just add 'freeware' to your search.

Greetz Johan