Photoshopping Tilt Shift - Miniature Fakes

Had a quick go with what I could find on my puter. Doesn't look as good as what's been posted though.

^ Wow that stuff is epic!! Metal Heart is especially good, but the scenes with the helicopter in that one are just surreal :p
Toy boats

*waits for someone to complain about the slanted horizon*
Those videos were way cool, but I'm pretty sure buddy was actually using a t/s lens.
Mini fake or fake mini?

Kinda doesn't work when you don't do it at a correct angle. Now it just looks like you shot it at a wider aperture.
It's a 1/8 scale railway, the camera was pretty much on the ground. Big faking a mini while mini faking.

/getting a different angle just for you IcePrincess :p

edit: meh

and if you're wondering, it's just the track because giant people riding the trains spoils the mininess.
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I've just finished my video guide for creating tilt shift.
It follows the same steps and technique as the written guide but it's hopefully a bit easier to follow.


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Thx for posting this technique! I found it over a year ago, and it was totally easy! Here's my most recent go at it:

I'm going to bump this so I remember to post up Zeeal's Patented Way To Do This In Photoshop Elements 8 because PSE doesn't have Quick Mash.

I've done a couple... this one came out particularly well, I think:


And these two look really good when printed; not sure what people think when they're not:



Also, a question: I use a gaussien blur, not a lens blur. Would my pictures look better with a lens blur? And I'm only using a value of 8, whereas some people said they're using values of 25. Would MORE blur help me images, or is my blur good to go?
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Lens blur is closer to the blur from a lens. And lens blur lets you use a mask to control the amount of blur across the image.