Photoshopping Tilt Shift - Miniature Fakes

Yeah, lens blur makes it look like it makes another layer of the selection, then blurs that and overlays it over the bottom layer, so it looks like glow than proper blur. Lens blur will blur it properly.
Looks like I'll have to stick to Gaussian Blur. PSE8 doesn't get Lens Blur.
Then upgrade your PS, you're 3 (soon to be 4) versions behind.
Ice, you're not reading properly. I use Photoshop Elements 8, so I'm caught up perfectly. I've said out once that I used Photoshop Elements explicitly, and then I said PSE8 a second time.

It appears that PSE doesn't come with a Lens Blur filter.
I don't think so. I can still make them, just without a lens blur.

Doesn't look as good. Then again, if you don't put a lot of effort into it, it won't look good regardless of what blur filter you use.
You've never heard the phrase "Learning to use what you have" have you? I'd say I'm not doing half bad for someone who started this last weekend and has to work 40+ hours a week.
I'm going to bump this so I remember to post up Zeeal's Patented Way To Do This In Photoshop Elements 8 because PSE doesn't have Quick Mash.?

Zeeall?!?! I think you are getting mixed up with who helped you. :p

Shame you don't put as much effort into your driving.

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Things got a bit heated there for a moment.

Deltableh, in that last shot you just have the centre in focus, the idea is to blur out from a central plane (line) not a central point.

I didn't see much difference when you used gaussian blur.
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Why does my PS select the whole picture instead of sections like the first post? Is there something I'm doing wrong?