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picture in signature!


Jul 30, 2004
Ontario, Canada
srry i dont know how to put a picture in my signature, please help thanks!
you have to host it somewhere and the use the img tags like in a ofrum post

watch out cause some ppl are really picky about sig size :wink: :roll:
That's rather large for my tastes...
I think I'll make the rule 100 tall and 600 wide.
600x175 is the new limit.

Thanks. :)
this sucks ass man :evil: :evil:

Viper do something, his sig is really getting annoying and he won't listen to us mods :roll:
ill have as many as i feel inclined too and ill make it fit the new rules :wink:
Continue to play like a little kid pushing on the limits, you're pissing off the mods and we'll piss off Viper.

He'll find a solution you'll see.
Yea, it's called a ban :D (then peace and harmony was restored on the boards :D)

I still think 175 is a little too tall btw - 100 sounds good tho, i like 150 too as mentioned in a few other threads.
yeah.. 100 would be PLENTY, it's a sig, not a wallpaper!

make it wide if you want but stay low..
smoshinvon said:
600x175 right on, srry i didnt read the rules before hand! :?
You were technically within the old limits, but I changed them after you made this post. Wasn't your fault before. ;)