Pictures: 2017 Finalgear Medium Roadtrip - The french connection

Part of day 2, the journey from Millau to our campsite in Verdon. Nothing too exciting, but it is the first stint with several cars. (Un)fortunately it's not the bit where I get stopped for speeding, I wasn't recording that as it looked like rain.

No video of the following day as it actually did rain, but the following two days are super exciting and long (sorry in advance)
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No upload tonight. AME crashed 2 hours into the render. Must have overclocked the CPU too much. I'll dial it back and let it run through the night.

The first actually exciting part. It gets narrow at 19:50 and then it gets more and more narrow.


More to come!
Didn't know you had the cam recording all the time. Good stuff, keep them coming! :D - Can't hear my car though. :(

Edit: Can hear it at 3:03, Ha!
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9:45, good thing Matt2000 wasn't with us. Would have gone head over heels for that Range Rover. Hehe.
22:50, Jaguar chill pill...
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You thought I forgot about this, didn't you?

This was one of the most memorable roads, at least for me. It gets narrow at about 10:40 and then SUPER narrow at around 22:00. The surrounding landscape is nothing short of stunning too.

A leisurely loop to the north of Castellane.

(the map is a bit wonky because the pass (starting at 43:39) is now closed. The loop continues back to Castellane)

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This is the final video. The road we practically based the whole trip around. It's rated as one of the most dangerous roads in Europe and it's the road Clarkson raced a couple of mountain climbers in the RS4 review. Unfortunately we didn't manage to go as fast due to traffic, but it was an amazing experience none the less.

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