Pictures: 2017 FinalGear RingMeet - Feel the freedom

The things I remember best from this year:

? #pukehunters
? Joe's incredible rubber chicken
? the strange blue liquid and the sketchy clear liquid
? Humppa in the Lucille
? the Tesla run up the test course
? the deafening rain against the tent canvas
? these are totally not all alobohol related

Posting this here even if it's all about mental images :lol:
I read "fear of German beers" first :lol:

I think it's quite clear who had the better lap.
The whole album:

Thursday: Ringbeer

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

Friday: Ringwhisky

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

Every day: covfefe

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

The nicest feature of the mustang, apart from it's ability to drive.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

And as every year, the pinnacle of german cuisine.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

A Joe

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

One of the many awkward hugs.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

Push it to the limit.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

Park like an asshole.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

This describes ringmeet at it's best: standing around doing nothing.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

The campsite.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr

We converted Terrex to a biker. Some lanes were split.

by Philip Minnebach, on Flickr
I've got questions...

Like, what's with the pole stand competition?
So my Ring Meet trip was fraught with stupidity an awesome adventure.

Picking up the K75 in Heidelberg before heading to Stuttgart.

Pre-Ring Meet Thomas swapped the rotors on the M5 in a frenzy to get to camp site at a reasonable hour.

The paddock upon arrival.

A bit more crowded later :)

The Alfisti

American antitheses

A familiar sighting

Underway to the Ring in Lucille, in full pursuit mode, replete with Blues Brothers' soundtrack

America and Mexico...well, Maserati Mexico

loose_unit on the way to do a powerslide

Mantafahrer awaiting his Kenwood sticker

Lucille's topless and bronzed sibling

Infamous Ring Mini

The Beast going sideways in the rain


Lovely E Type at the Ring entrance





Cossie 190E :heart:


Some dandy on the FL bike :p
Putting up the kitchen tent, how hard can it be!

Love the fact that everybody seem to move in the first 3 pics except MXM :p

There, the roof is up, lets all just stand around inside.

Typical ringmeet lunch

Standing around watching cars

Friday night

Saturday dinner


Lucille and the UP!

It's not THAT much bigger than my car
Didn't somebody take video during a ride in Lucille?
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As almost everybody else, I didn't even take my camera out of its bag during all of ringmeet. But I still took a bunch of phone pics for the sake of it :).

On short notice, a pre-Ringmeet invasion of my place happened, by two Texans. Ethan and a friend. So within the limited amount of time there was on one evening, we of course went to look at cars! Well, they both got fairly distracted by bikes too.. for some odd reason..!?

After trying everything possible to get the M5s brake/steering wobble issue fixed, I swapped around rotors at 1pm before heading to the campsite, with limited success. Anyway, I managed to at least bring the proper car. And what did I get for that? A Ringmeet Award, but also a fuckton of flak. Because.. reasons. :p

Pics from the campsite are limited to clouds and rain, and people beer testing..


Friday started for me after doing all the nothing with joining Joe on his quest to buy wine! :D

When we returned, suddenly something big and blue had arrived, and it was not a clear sky! But about as big.

Then the usual shenanigans began. Standing around, enjoying FREEDOM. Doing nothing. Sitting around..

That was followed by the traditional friday evening BBQ, which happened in one of the few rain breaks..

And suddenly there was more potential food around..

After food, some people started drinking, others played games. Altoid didn't know what he was getting himself into there. In the end he got owned by the attending Mini-Adu. Hard. In near-perfect english too. With science facts and logic.

After that beatdown, Altoid decided he needed drink. And it was a strong one.. :D

Meanwhile people were wasting time and drinks, and pubquiz was approaching..

And then the Finns took over.. and Lauri.. oh Lauri.. :D

Suddenly, this..?!

He got stuck with the hammer on the struts.. *sigh*.. :D

And after the awards, he decided he needs to chase Joe around outside, trying to take a selfie :D.

Well, as we all know by now, he didn't last much longer.. ;)

A quick trip to the Ring with the hope for better weather was in order.. but didn't really happen. But at the gas station, suddenly a wild bear tried to open the door!!!!

Very few ring parking lot pics..

And then we went on to the also traditional saturday night dinner, again at the Wurstkessel across the street :). And since I found out that Mini-Adu doesn't like having a camera in her face,... well.. :D

What followed were the awards, and awkward hugs.

It eventually dried up, so ringlaps were attempted. But before we even left, fail happened. But of course we started with standing around, in the sun, for a change.

Anyway, onwards with the fails.

#1 - Mikko vs. Miata vs. Ditch

#2 - Peter vs. Rentalbike

Then we proceeded to the ring for laps and things. Which lasted about an hour until it was closed. For good, as it turned out.

And this was one of the poor guys involved in the big crash.. by accident I found a friend of him on a german M forum, who asked for this pic after I mentioned it, and he told me that the Audi is likely going to be rebuilt in a new chassis (ala nicjasno).

Jaaaag. s.


It's so tiny!

After it was apparent that the Ring was done for the day, I joined the Adus and the G-Wagon (Galantti-Touareg) on an extended drive back to the campsite, during which we accidently a 100m radio telescope! Merely 20 minutes away from the campsite, but I never knew about it..

After getting as close to it as we could, I jokingly tagged Harish (aka LP) on facebook, asking him to move it for us please. Minutes later, IT FUCKING MOVED.

Random natur stuff.

Later that evening, fail #2 got fixed with a replacement rental bike being delivered.

And it was "tested" right away.. sort of..

And that, folks, was it.
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Mini-Adu is right. :lol:
She is getting cuter each time I see her.